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While we might assume that kids are easily satisfied with music and can take on any artist their elders throw at them, it turns out that they take their listening palettes pretty seriously.

Today, thanks to American teacher Cierra Johnson, who challenges her class of young students to share their thoughts on their favorite bands, we got to know what the music listeners of tomorrow really think of rock and indie artists. .

While Johnson performs his classes, various songs, such as I miss you by Blink-182, she asks kids to write their opinions about each track on colorful sticky notes. Then, after collecting the results, she shares their posts on her TikTok account.

As for their thoughts on the aforementioned pop-punk ballad, the band of whippersnappers got mixed reviews, such as “This song is like weird and good and bad, grumpy.” It’s even been compared to a song by Ed Sheeran, or as they know it, “Ned Sheeran.” Another compared it to “a boring little kid”, while someone else had a more abstract takeaway: “This song is like blob fish – weird!”. To be fair, “blob fish” sound weird.

Our favorite comment from the listening session though was, “This song is like having to eat green beans. I don’t like them.” It’s very spiritual and so dry, and we are totally banking on this young person becoming a future music journalist.

As Johnson played Gorillaz’ alt-rock song in 2001 Clint Eastwood, the children were fiercer with their scrutiny, with one student stating, “I feel like you punished us with that song”. There’s also the jaw-dropping comparison of “It looks like a duck choking on green beans and a guy rapping.”

The ultimate teacher review challenge comment, however, came after the kids listened to The Smashing Pumpkins track. 1979, as one rather cheeky child rudely put it: “Mrs. Johnson’s playlist is like my toilet after Taco Bell night.”

Obviously, they’re not into alt-rock — or American fast food taking on Mexican food, for that matter. Luckily, the Pumpkins reviews weren’t all negative, as one young listener colorfully states that it “looks like unicorns,” which we’re going to assume is a good takeaway.

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♬ Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab)
♬ 1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins (opens in a new tab)

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