Willow Smith recalls Jada receiving death threats for making rock music



Willow Smith’s introduction to mainstream music came with her 2010 hit album “Whip My Hair.” However, the famous offspring of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has since charted the less diverse worlds of alternative and rock music.

Last year, Willow released her first metal album, Lately I’m feeling it all. “I don’t like to lock myself into anything. I was trained to be an R&B singer, so I went in that direction. But I’ve always had a huge affinity for rock music since I was just a little bean,” she explained in UK glamor September cover.

Although the choice of genre may have surprised some listeners, the youngest of the Smith clan said her love for rock and alternative music stemmed from her mother’s own background as an artist. She remembers seeing Jada “as a black woman in that crazy metal scene. I was like, ‘Hell, yeah!’ I loved it.” But watching the actress-singer wasn’t full of wonder. Willow also testified to the harsh reality of a black artist infiltrating a predominantly white music scene.

The crazy teacher The actress has been part of nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom since the early 2000s. “Oh my God. She was getting death threats. There was a crazy amount of stuff going on. I remember going, ‘Yo! People are really upset about it; they’re crazy that a black woman wants to do metal and be in space. Like, that was activism,” she said.

Even knowing the challenges the “Reckoning” rocker faced, Willow wasn’t deterred from expressing herself outside of the pop and R&B genres. “I don’t like to lock myself into anything,” she said. “When I wanted to do a rock album, there were a lot of executives saying, ‘Hmm.’ If I had been white, that would have been totally fine, but because I’m black, it’s “Well…maybe not,” the “Purge” singer said, noting that, sometimes music executives have even made the process of creating and releasing new music a challenge.”I go through this. All the other black artists get pushed away,” she said.

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