Whethan returns with genre-blending hit ‘COMPLICATED’ alongside aldn, 8485: Dancing Astronaut



While Whethan never fails to impress, his new single “COMPLICATED” featuring aldn and 8485 may arguably be one of his strongest works to date. Incorporating elements of rock, hip-hop and electronic dance, the genre-blending melody proves to be a one-of-a-kind creation that very few could pull off with such dexterity and ease.

Serve as the next single from Whethan’s next project Midnight, scheduled for release on April 29, fans can’t wait to check out the full track list. Electronic rock is a path Whethan has yet to explore much, although the multi-faceted producer has proven he has a Midas touch in the studio, and genre crossovers have never proved too difficult for him. 25 year old young man. beatsmith. “The next project is going to be a totally different side of me that you’ve never heard before,” Whethan tweeted recently. “Much different from ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Life of a Wallflower’.”

While patiently waiting for April 29, fans can manage by repeating “COMPLICATED” while waiting.

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