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If you managed to tear your eyes away from the Will-Smith-Chris-Rock debacle that was this year’s Oscars, kudos, if not, we advise you to pay some well-deserved attention to the many Oscar winners of 2022 .

With the school holidays in full swing and the long Easter weekend on our heels, there’s no better time to sit down with a big bowl of buttered popcorn and catch up on some of the best unleashed movies in the last few months.

Nominated for six awards and crowned Best Original Screenplay at the 2022 Academy Awards, Belfast is the story of heartbreak and hope that chronicles the life of a young boy and his working-class family as they navigate the tumultuous journey who grew up in Northern Ireland during the 1960s.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

For tennis fans or those who gravitate to a true story, King Richard might be the blockbuster for you. Something a little cheekier and another Oscar winner (Will Smith as Best Actor), King Richard is the autobiographical account of Venus and Serena William’s unwavering commitment to the world of tennis and their rise to become superstars in their sport.

Where to watch: AppleTV

Nominated for a huge Twelve Oscar winner and Best Director award winner (Jane Campion), The Power Of The Dog is undoubtedly the must-see film of the 2022 cinematic season. A western drama that focuses on love, heartbreak and resentment as the a rancher’s brother comes to visit, also bringing a new wife and son on the epic journey.

Where to watch: netflix

It’s no surprise that Best Picture winner Coda is on our “to watch” list. The film centers on 17-year-old Ruby, the only hearing member of a deaf family, as she develops a passion for singing through her school choir. This story follows Ruby’s struggles between her dedication to her future and her family.

Where to watch: AppleTV

Honorable mention has to go to Spencer, the historical drama that follows the story of beloved Princess Diana and her struggles during her time in the monarchy. Kristen Stewart was highly praised and nominated for her first Oscar (Best Actress) for her incredible portrayal of Diana.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Rightfully awarded Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 2022 Oscars, this film takes us through Tammy Faye’s iconic rise, fall and redemption. This intimate glimpse into the lives of Tammy and her husband Jim Bakker reveals how they created the largest religious broadcasting network in the United States.

Where to watch: google play

Following the best movies has never been easier, thanks to our own home theaters. Whichever digital platform you choose, we can guarantee that one of these Oscar-worthy movies is sure to please you and your extended family this long weekend!

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