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If you search the internet for recommendations on what to watch, here are five. These titles are available on Netflix, Zee5 and Apple TV+:

5 best shows and movies on Netflix, Zee5 and Apple TV+

1. Dead to Me – Netflix

A comedy series about a woman determined to find the person who killed her husband during a hit-and-run. She has a support group who, despite their opposing personalities, become unlikely friends. dead to me features veteran actors in Christina Applegate and Ed Asner and is a lighthearted show that might be perfect for you after a long enough night of partying.

2. On the rocks – Apple TV+

On the rocks
On the Rocks is streaming on Apple TV+

When a young mother reunites with her larger-than-life playboy dad in New York, things get a little spicy. A story that follows the lines of aging, marriage and the often trying bond between parent and child, On the rocksis a great movie if you fancy some wholesome entertainment filled with great performances from Rashida Jones and Bill Murray.

3. Money Heist – Netflix

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

Money theft didn’t take long to become the most-watched title on Netflix. The show is a great mix of thrills and twists, with a soundtrack that has people all over the world humming the song.

4. Khali Peeli – Zee5

Khali Peeli
Khaali Peeli is streaming on Zee5

Khali Peeli is a fun romantic comedy about two childhood sweethearts Pooja and Blackie who break up due to unprecedented circumstances. Years later, Pooja who runs away from a brothel where she is forced to work meets Blackie who is now a taxi driver. And it starts their life together running away from Pooja’s employers. Khali Peeli stars Ishan Khatter and Ananya Pandey in the lead roles.

5. Cargo – Netflix

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A picture of Cargo

Cargo is a space/afterlife film about a modern spaceship where the souls of the deceased are prepared for the next life. Vikrant Massey plays a lone crew member of the ship whose mundane routines are disrupted when headquarters sends him a curious new assistant. Cargo is not intense in any way and is a subtle sketch of the purpose of life.

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