Wes Patrick Shares Genre-Blending New Single “AIRHEAD”


Orange, Californian artist patrick wes shared a new genre-blending single called “AIRHEAD.” After the fun singles “SIXPACK” and “HOTSHIT” which helped spread his name in the underground, his latest offering packs a punch with his vibrant mix of indie pop, hip-hop and punk. Containing sharp songwriting infused with Patrick’s signature sense of humor, this single is a charming and energizing listen.

“AIRHEAD” opens with raw, driving guitars as Patrick enters confidently with a vocal performance that draws inspiration from punk, indie pop and hip-hop. Underlined by punchy, choppy drums and an infectious bass, it delivers wry, witty lyrics that add character to the track, before launching into a memorable, well-crafted chorus. With colorful instrumentation and cleverly written vocals, “AIRHEAD” makes for an addictive and playful overall outing, remaining light in tone while balancing it with heavier sounds.

Wes Patrick’s latest, “AIRHEAD” offers a progressive sound that effortlessly blends disparate genres, and he continues his string of lively, character-rich singles.

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