Tip Top: Don’t fall! brings new adventures in the rogue genre



In all one thread of the world, typical warriors and warriors of a different order will overcome the evils, the madas, the dead cells of an era. You are, in essence, always in the name of war – a dead enemy. Jump: don’t fall! turns out to be a status quo, and breathes new life into the permadeath climbing genre!

When you apply the new model for Xbox, PlayStation and PC, the Xbox Series X|S Tip Top optimized game may at first glance look like a casual arcade climbing game, giving you procedurally generated routes and providing a very simple goal. It is important to get as little stamina as possible. Leave yourself in danger of doing so. It’s an endless thief: fail, and the backs will come to the starting point, without you.

Taking a few yards of effort in bolts can also take life and save energy. So the best climbers will know when to play it safe and when to risk the whole experience. It’s exciting, only if we remember the edge of the cliff in the real world.

Sometimes the simplest games are the best times on the market. TIP: Don’t fall, it’s more or less hard. If you don’t think you’ll need to do this first, please stay here and give us a copy on Xbox One, PS5, or Switch.

On the Xbox side, the X & S Enhanced Editions of the game cost $8.39, with discounts on your upgrade if you want to upgrade later.

Description of the game:

Tip Top is a cliff climbing game that uses procedurally generated routes that never repeat. The campaign, which features an aggressive single-player campaign, will take you to every corner of the world, while avoiding the temptation of death. The player uses a flexible control system to make the characters more flexible. You only have a little stamina to use to reach the top. If you are tired or miss something, you will fall. But! The irony of this kind is that you should never die. A careful player will try several times on his own, and will tie his rope to the wall before taking risks. Skills will be those that strike a better balance between risk and rationality and reach the pinnacle of peace. A player who climbs too carefully will never reach the top, as they waste too much energy on the bolts.

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