The most successful recent black comedies belong to the genre of class warfare



Yeun also plays a minor role in sorry to disturb youwhere (spoilers for a fantasy movie you really should have watched by now) the rich are turning workers into super-strong half-horse creatures, which sounds like something Elon Musk would have done if possible. Surprisingly, this plan ends up backfiring quite violently. Another WTF is Velvet circular saw starring Jake Gyllenhaal, where the paintings of a dead artist in obscurity bring modern works of art to life and murder the pretentious art types who try to cash in on his work.

Of course, this is not a purely American phenomenon: look at South Korea Parasite, which begins as a comedy about a lower-class family ripping off an upper-class family, but takes a rather dark turn at the end. Other popular films outside of this specific genre that still fit the general “F the rich” vibe include Hustlers (no murders, though they’re getting closer), Knives out (the only rich man who dies is actually not trash), and Joker (there are jokes, but we wouldn’t call it a comedy).

It’s curious that what we call “ultra-violent black comedies about class warfare” suddenly started popping up everywhere in the late 2010s – it’s like the writers suddenly decided we’re past the point to send rich villains to luxury prisons with tennis lessons like in the wolf of Wall Street. Even the anti-capitalist masterpiece that is Will Ferrell the other guys (realized by The menu, Costsand Hustlers producer Adam McKay) was pretty nice to his wealthy villains. Today, instead of getting a government bailout, bad guys would have ended up “missing the bushes,” like The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

It’s like these movies are a coping mechanism to get us through a world where the ultra-rich keep getting away with their crimes; it’s a way to let off steam that doesn’t involve learning how to operate a guillotine. This begs the question: would the French Revolution ever have happened if French peasants had simply started making plays where someone puts explosives inside Marie Antoinette’s cake? Something to ponder while we wait for Elon Musk to be fined $45 for his Twitter shenanigans.

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