The Bare Jams collective, mixing genres, prepares an appointment in Hastings



Bare Jams – Credit Ethan Porter

Spokeswoman Jill Lerner said: “Bare Jams consists of Ollie (vocals/guitar), Sam (drums), Dave (bass), Josh (keyboards), Seb (trumpet) and Jake (sax), a band of six musician brothers. who released their brand new single Rockets on November 4 to coincide with their autumn UK tour dates.

“Bare Jams have historically had a rolodex of members all taking their part in the band’s musical development. writing and performing their own original material. Dave then joined on bass, beginning the transition into a full fledged band. Many personnel changes followed, each time the band evolved and raised the bar to its very energetic sound. C t was in 2018 that they found their soul as a band, effortlessly blending pop, soul, rock and reggae into their own unique and tight musical mix. The line-up was now complete and the sound tight and exuberant Bare Jams, definitive.Since then, the band have become famous for drawing crowds, performing for music lovers around the world at major festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair and Isle of Wight Festival, replacing weaving the tents to their sweat capacity. They have also headlined many shows across Europe and supported legendary artists such as The Wailers, Katchafire and La Pegatina. The crowning glory was the release of their debut album This ‘n’ That in May 2020 to much fan enthusiasm and wider critical acclaim. All told, these are incredible accomplishments in just four years, two of them during a pandemic! Never one to rest on their laurels, Bare Jams release their new single Rockets, a song that takes a serious tone about negativity, echo chambers, fake news and the evils of money and corruption. Bare Jams are relentlessly energetic and unafraid to take on the serious challenges we all face. However, they are also eternal optimists.

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