The 7 Most Hated Disney Channel Movie Villains, Ranked


It’s no longer uncommon for fans to fall in love with villains instead of heroes. Thor to Loki, Avatar: The Last Airbender in Azula, and Harry Potter to Draco Malfoy. However, that’s not always the case, especially not for Disney Channel’s unlikable villains.

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Stick to kid-friendly Disney standards, most villains in Disney Channel movies have a life-changing redemption arc. It teaches young children to believe in people and to change for the better. However, that doesn’t always make the villains likable. Some characters remain unlikable even after becoming an upgraded version of themselves, causing so much emotional turmoil that fans refuse to forgive and forget.

seven Failure and Hatred Run in the Name of Kalabar (Halloweentown Series)

Kalabar and Kal are the main antagonists of Halloween Town and Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. The hatred for humans in the Kalabar family stems from the fact that Gwen Piper left Kalabar for a worldly life. Fueled by his past, Kalabar wishes to punish the humans for banishing the creatures from their realm. After Kalabar’s historic defeat, Kal alters his father’s original plan, intending to turn humans into monsters instead of simply dominating the mortal realm.

Halloween Town is a cult favorite. The hate for these two villains mostly stems from the havoc they wreaked on Halloweentown. The complete mistreatment of the wholesome grandmother-granddaughter duo, Aggie and Marnie, is also unforgivable. Halloween Town tops the list of fictional Disney Channel locations fans would love to visit. Making everything gray and dull is a punishable offence.

6 Jennifer Stone was a terrifying superior before becoming a dear friend (Cadet Kelly)

Cadet Kelly is an underrated Disney Channel movie with an even more underrated cast of characters. Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone started out as the main antagonist of Cadet Kelly. Between verbally attacking the juniors and tearing up the rainbow blankets, it wasn’t hard for the public to hate her as much as Kelly.

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Kelly is an artistic fashionista who is forced to attend military school due to her stepfather’s move. Kelly has to deal with being called a “maggot” every day. Jennifer is a nervous captain with an unwavering determination to prove herself. She comes off as mean and unlovable, but has an almost heartbreaking arc of redemption. Fans spend half of Cadet Kelly hating and fearing Jennifer, but the audience ultimately admires the relationship she develops with Cadet Kelly.

5 Princess Audrey proves it doesn’t take bad parents to be a villain (Descendants 3)

Princess Audrey is the daughter of beloved Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty. Every Disney Channel teen movie has to have a mean girl, and Audrey proudly takes the throne for that title in the descent trilogy.

In descent, Audrey was a childish bully who abused the Villain Kids (VK) in a rotten power move. In the grand scheme of things, spreading rumors to spark high school drama is pretty trivial. In the face of black magic and world domination, ostracizing a group is the least of its crimes. As the main antagonist of Descendants 3, Audrey steals Maleficent’s scepter to turn all of Auradon to stone. The VKs may have forgiven her, but the writers never really gave Audrey a redemption arc. This makes her one of the least likable characters on Disney Channel.

4 Tess Tyler Must Pick a Side and Stick to It (Camp Rock Series)

First camprock, Tess Tyler is the designated villain who bullies anyone she deems unworthy of respect. At the end of the film, she spends her time crying in a dark corner after being abandoned by the people she abused. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam begins with the gang welcoming Tess with open arms, forgiving any wrongdoing from the first movie. Later, she abandons her friends again.

Tess is a villainous antagonist at the start of each film and is quickly forgiven by the end of each film. Tess doesn’t have enough of an iconic charm for fans to love. Without a sparkling character, Tess constantly reverting to her less than pleasant tendencies is counterproductive.

3 Ray Beech is mean (lemonade mouth)

Ray Beech is a member of the school’s second favorite band, Mudslide Crush. Before the Lemonade Mouth band was created, Ray ran the school. He was a member of the football team, lead singer of the most popular band, and was one of the most revered kids in school.

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When Lemonade Mouth upends the high school hierarchy, Ray throws a fit. He does everything he can to sabotage their chances of taking his place at the top of the pyramid. He’s rude, sneaky, and an all-around jerk. He has little or no redeemable qualities.

2 Val’s whole identity revolves around being a threat to society (Brink!)

Maybe Val is a villain from a lesser-known Disney channel. the film is a blessing in disguise. There are two types of skaters in Edge!, those who skate for fun and those who skate for money. Val is one of the latter. Val is driven by money, never taking his eyes off the prize. It’s not beyond using underhanded methods to win competitions – even when those methods hurt other people in the process.

Val doesn’t care about anyone but himself; he is fully aware of Brink’s financial insecurity and exploits it. He is blinded by fame and fortune, having absolutely no remorse about what he has to do to get them. Val verbally abuses her peers and physically hurts her opponents. Overall, Val is one-dimensional and far too unlovable to deserve any redemption.

1 Meredith Blake is like Disney Channel’s Cruella De Vil (The Parent Trap)

The hatred for Meredith Blake runs deep. Unlike Cinderella stepmother, Meredith never enslaved Hallie Parker and Annie James. However, she is still mean and obnoxious. Meredith Blake is an obnoxious 26-year-old woman who seeks to expand her wealth by swindling vineyard owner Nick Parker into marriage. Fortunately, her twins see through her. As spoiled brat Meredith really is, she can’t fathom the idea of ​​sharing the limelight in Nick’s life with his daughters.

Meredith hatches a plan to get rid of Hallie by the time they get married. Meredith is portrayed as a menacing antagonist, going so far as to be compared to the infamous Cruella de Vil from the classic 101 Dalmatians. Meredith Blake is a greedy, manipulative, and narcissistic woman who has earned the title of Disney Channel’s Most Hated Movie Villain.

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