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The highly anticipated Brad Pitt with High-speed train will be released soon, and the action movie is inspired by Jackie Chan, but it clearly has a lot more influences. High-speed train mostly takes place in one location and it’s a complete, closed fight, and those styles started in movies that don’t get enough credit.

Redditors debated which action movies were most underrated, whether because they were low-grossing, received negatively, or failed to find a cult following after release. Between an adrenaline-packed parkour movie, the best John Wick knock-offs and a hilarious high school reunion, these movies deserve more recognition.


Borough 13 (2004)

The 2000s were full of extreme trends, the most notable being street racing, but parkour also had a huge impact on the zeitgeist. The sport of free running has established itself everywhere, whether in Office, Casino Royaleor the video game mirror edge. But it’s best displayed in the French action movie District 13. Reddit user KiTa Movies puts it succinctly, “Light on the plot, heavy on the action.”

The film is set in a distinct future where the poorer suburbs of Paris have become overcrowded with gangs, and each gang member is seemingly a world-class athlete and free runner. Every fight sequence interpolates parkour, and it’s one of the most inventive action movies of all time.

The Raid 2 (2014)

The photo of the final fight of Raid 2

jerrymoviefan3 points to The Raid 2which is a sequel to 2011 Lowering, as being underestimated. The Redditor notes, “When you watch it, check out the long list of medical staff in the closing credits because it tells you how real the fights were.” Given how practical and dangerous all of the stunts in the film are, the long list of on-call medical personnel on set is hardly surprising.

However, the user takes liberties with the question asked, as the sequel is definitely appreciated by those who have seen it. He pioneered gun-fu before John Wick popularized it in Hollywood, and action sequences like the prison riot don’t hold back. But while the movie is known to hardcore action movie fans, it’s barely known to the general public and certainly deserves more attention.

Nobody (2021)

Nobody burns money

Slips of paper believes that Nobody is not appreciated enough and explains: “Same director as Hard Henry and written by the guy who made it John Wick. Stars Bob Odenkirk.” Although Bob Odenkirk may not seem like an action hero, this list of names is a dream team that no one knew they wanted.

Nobody could be extremely derived from John Wick in its narrative and action, but it does it differently enough to be self-sufficient. “Audit” is a family business, and Odenkirk truly feels retired, unlike Wick who effortlessly returns to the game as if he never left. Odenkirk is an unlikely action that blew audiences away, and the movie desperately needs a sequel.

RRR (2022)

True story of the movie RRR, Bheem

RRR is another foreign film, but it’s less invested in innovative fight sequences and more interested in telling a story on an ambitious and epic scale. CautionWarning think the Indian film is massively underrated, as it tells the story of two real-life revolutionaries in their fight against the British Raj in 1920, and it’s a visually impressive three hours of action.

But while the film is definitely underrated, it’s still one of the rare examples of an Indian film finding an overseas audience. The film has grossed nearly $100 million worldwide (according to box office mojo), and given the growing positive word of mouth for the film, its popularity will certainly increase as well.

Badass (1992)

Chow Yun_Fat in Hard Boiled

LonelyGuyNextDoor think the movie directed by John Woo hard boiled, the 1992 Hong Kong action movie, deserves more appreciation. The editor notes: “hard boiled is my 7th favorite movie”, and it’s easy to see why, because the movie has the smoothest action of any 90s release, and Alan is one of the coolest undercover cops in the history of the movie theater.

Woo is the master of action, and his filmography of must-see action movies is long. In the same way hard boiledthe filmmaker has also made seminal films such as The killer and A better tomorrow. But it starts to get a little uneven when he moves on to Hollywood movies, and mission: impossible 2 can totally be ignored.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Although all superhero movies can be classified as action movies, they are not considered action in the sense that John Wick Where The rock is. However, austinrose7 sincerely think that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an underrated action movie. In all fairness, the 2016 film was extremely poorly received, and very few will champion it the way the user does.

The Redditor also makes a good point, as it points to “the warehouse scene”, which is by far the best scene in Batman in terms of melee combat. The Caped Crusader uses his wrist gauntlets to deflect bullets, and he uses his grappling hook to crush enemies on the ground. Batman definitely breaks his one rule in the scene, but it’s so gripping it can be ignored.

Drive (1997)

Mark Dacoscas in battle in Drive

Action movies starring Dolph Lundgren aren’t the only ones going straight to video. Redditor Nikilidstorm believes in the 1997s Conduct is massively underrated, and given that the film went straight to video and no one ever talks about it, this might be the best example of an underrated action movie.

The film has a unique concept, as it follows a prototype-enhanced human on the run from a group of Chinese hitmen. Even the Redditor admits, “Mediocre story, great choreography.” Although it sounds ridiculous, it’s hugely entertaining and the film contains some of the most underrated action of the 1990s, and it shows that there is greatness in direct-to-video releases if people watch hard enough. .

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Martin holds a gun in a liquor store in Grosse Pointe Blank

Gros Pointe Virgin was positively received and had a good box office in 1997, and it has somewhat of a cult following now, but it’s not as popular as it should be 25 years later. Sword Holder33 sings the film’s praises, noting, “It’s a mix of action and romantic comedy, but you might like it.” The film follows a hitman who visits his hometown for a high school reunion, but his job follows him there.

Gros Pointe Virgin is like a time capsule, because it epitomizes everything from the 90s, but maybe that’s why it’s not talked about as much as the Redditor thinks it should be. A younger audience wouldn’t understand half of the references, and comedy is completely different from humor in films today.

Whacked (2011)

Gina Carano in Haywire

Steven Soderbergh is one of the most prolific directors working today, having made over 30 films and often directing two in a single year. Such was the case in 2011, when he directed the immensely popular medical thriller Contagion and full of action whack. The latter lives in the shadow of the former, as it was nowhere near as successful despite some of the most exciting action sequences this year.

LonelyGuyNextDoor praised the lead actor, noting “Gina Carano kicks ass and doesn’t deserve the hate.” Although Carano’s acting was criticized, his agility and MMA background led to the most impactful fight scenes, and audiences felt every punch.

Refund (1999)

Mel Gibson smokes a cigarette in Payback

Repayment is a neo-noir crime thriller that follows Porter (Mel Gibson) as he seeks revenge on his former heist partner who left him for dead. Aware-Salary-680 comments, “It’s slick, funny and gritty. Imagine Max Payne do a mission in GTA.Unfortunately, while the Redditor is a huge fan, he is ridiculed by critics and the public.

And although the movie was a box office hit, making $160 million worldwide (according to box office mojo), he certainly wouldn’t have earned so much had it not been for the Gibson name attached to the project. And one thing’s for sure, it’s better than the real movie adaptation of Max Payne.

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