Taylor Swift’s Best Original Songs Written For Movies, Including Where The Crawdads Sing


The film adaptation of Delia Owens’ acclaimed novel Where the Crawdads sing is set to hit theaters on July 15. In addition to a cast that includes Daisy Edgar-Jones and a production team led by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, the film incorporates original composition by 11-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift.

This isn’t Swift’s first time writing songs for movies, and she’s even appeared in a few movies as an actress. Several of Swift’s original movie songs have become just as popular with fans as he has traditionally released works.


9 Hannah Montana’s “Crazier”: The Movie

Hannah Montana the movie

Hannah Montana: The Movie followed in the footsteps of The Lizzie McGuire movie as the second film adaptation of a Disney Channel Original Series to be released theatrically. The film continued to follow the adventures of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), who lives a double life as a normal teenage girl and a pop star.

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“Crazier” is a country-pop ballad written and performed by Swift, who also makes an appearance in the film as herself. Hannah Montana: The Movie was released less than a year after Swift’s second studio album Without fear, which would become his mainstream breakthrough. Of all these Swift songs, “Crazier” is the most youthful and innocent, with a pleasant melody but without the kind of fancy lyrics that would become iconic of her writing.

8 “Sweeter Than Fiction” from One Chance

2013 David Frankel movie A chance is perhaps more under the radar than the other films for which Swift composed original music. This film starring James Corden (before his biggest mainstream success) tells the true story of operatic tenor Paul Potts and his journey to victory England has an incredible talent.

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‘Sweeter Than Fiction,’ which earned Swift a Golden Globe nomination, is an uptempo pop track and has been released between her albums Red and 1989. This is especially significant since Swift was making the cautious transition from country music to mainstream pop at this time. “Sweeter Than Fiction” makes this transition simple and airy, which is also due to Swift’s collaboration with newcomer Jack Antonoff.

seven “Beautiful Ghosts” from Cats

Taylor Swift in Cats

The fantastic film decried by the critics of Tom Hooper Cats was an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit Broadway musical, itself based on the poems of TS Eliot. Swift played Bombalurina, and although the film was a box office bomb and received widespread reviews, Swift was largely free from criticism.

Swift’s original song “Beautiful Ghosts,” a collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber himself, shouldn’t be forgotten even if the film surrounding it fell short of the song’s standards. Written for the protagonist played by Francesca Hayward, “Beautiful Ghosts” represents a different genre for Swift: musical theatre. Perhaps with better material, Swift can continue to explore her songwriting abilities in these waters as well.

6 “Eyes Open” from The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Eyes Open” is one of two songs Swift contributed to the soundtrack for the first installment of the popular franchise based on Suzanne Collins’ young adult novels. The dystopian action-adventure film directed by Gary Ross launched independent actress Jennifer Lawrence into the Hollywood mainstream.

“Eyes Open” is a rock-pop track produced by Nathan Chapman, who often collaborated with Swift on her album. Red, which was released at the time of the film’s promotion and release. “Eyes Open” features some of Swift’s most confident vocals. It oscillates effortlessly between a panting falsetto and a resonant belt.

5 “Today Was A Fairytale” Valentine’s Day

Taylor Swift interviewed on Valentine's Day

Swift’s Hollywood acting debut was in Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy Valentine’s day alongside an ensemble cast that included Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway. Although the film was not well received, it was commercially successful and spawned a series of holiday-themed ensemble films.

Taylor Swift’s role in the film may have been limited, but “Today Was A Fairy Tale” remains the take-home gem of her involvement in this film. The dreamy country-pop aesthetic recalls his work on the Without fear album, so much so that when Swift re-recorded Without fear in 2021, she included this track in her version of the album.

4 “Only the Young” from Miss Americana

The 2020 Netflix Documentary miss american chronicles Swift’s experience primarily during the creation of her albums Reputation and Lover. The documentary showed a more vulnerable side to Swift and took a closer look at the difficulties of navigating fame in the male-dominated music industry.

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The original song “Only the Young” reflects another recurring theme in the documentary, which is Swift’s growing political voice. This pop earworm, which she wrote with producer Joel Little, seeks to instill a sense of optimism in young minds and voters in a dark political time in America.

3 “Caroline” from Where The Crawdads Sing

Taylor Swift's Original Movie Soundtrack for Where The Crawdads Sing

The latest addition to Swift’s catalog is her song for the next Where the Crawdads sing. Despite all her contributions to various movie soundtracks, Taylor Swift has yet to receive a coveted Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. Maybe “Carolina” will change that.

“Carolina” is a folk ballad, recorded using alternate instruments that reminds fans of Swift’s more recent ventures into indie folk and chamber pop with the sister albums. folklore and still. As she did with those albums, Swift collaborated with producer Aaron Dessner to craft a haunting, chilling piece that relies heavily on low whispers and breathy vocals.

2 “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” from Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker Poster Ana Steele Christian Gray

The popular but controversial Fifty shades of Grey trilogy may not have the same level of prestige as Where the Crawdads sing fact, but the soundtracks of these films are full of sultry contemporary pop hits, including Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and The Weeknd’s Oscar-nominated “Earned it.”

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is a duet between Swift and ZAYN of boy band One Direction. Once again, Swift worked with pop producer/lyricist Jack Antonoff on this track. Together they crafted an erotic electropop hit that builds nicely on an explosive final chorus.

1 “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift looks back while walking through a forest in Safe & Sound video

Arguably the best song Taylor Swift has written for a movie soundtrack is “Safe and Sound” featuring The Civil Wars. “Safe and Sound” was a collaboration between Swift and legendary musician/producer T-Bone Burnett. The song served as the hit promotional single for the film’s soundtrack.

“Safe and Sound” has all the elements of a classic Swiftian composition: visceral lyrical imagery, strong song structure, and an emotionally effective progression from its breathy falsetto to its chest voice. “Safe and Sound” may have been snubbed by the Academy in 2012, but it’s widely considered Taylor Swift’s best song written for film so far.

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