Taurus to Virgo: Find out what kind of music is best for these zodiac earth signs


Many of us might find that on our worst days and some of our best, we turn to music so we can lose ourselves in the lyrics of an uplifting song. Plus, most teens hum a good tune or notice that their favorite song becomes an anthem they swear by when the going gets tough. Indeed, music plays an important role in our lives in which we find comfort whenever we experience discomfort in life. So here is an overview of the zodiac earth signs and their musical preferences.


This sign likes to get lost in the music when it is particularly upset by the events that occur in its professional life. Since careers mean a lot to Capricorn, any upheaval they go through at work, whether it’s a failed project, a lost promotion, or even being fired from a job they loved; they withdraw into their shell and use the music as a soothing balm to their wounded soul. They prefer classic jazz because it lifts their spirits when they’re feeling really down, but they also enjoy alternative rock tunes.


Because this zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, it has always had a great appreciation for all forms of beauty, music, and art. They have a special place in their hearts for sounds from ancient musical instruments as well as natural, organic rhythms. They aren’t thrilled with the many post-productions done on tracks, as they love the earthy, sultry songs on their playlist.

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Virgo is a zodiac sign ruled by Mercury and yet they manage to amaze people with their taste in music. These individuals have meticulous minds and are perpetual problem solvers, so it’s understandable that they like to turn their brains off completely when chiming in with music. So you’ll find that country music and folk tunes appeal to Virgos, as do eclectic songs from newer artists.

Disclaimer: Although these attributes are generic, they are primarily focused on your zodiac qualities; not all of the above traits are necessarily true for you.

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