SYFY’s ‘Reginald the Vampire’ bites into the vampire comedy genre



Comedy and vampires go together like fangs and blood. On television and in the cinema, programs of buffy the vampire slayer at What we do in the shadows have proven that humor can only aggravate fears. Since there are many reference examples of the subgenre, the creators of Reginald the VampireJohnny Truant’s Next SYFY Adaptation Fat Vampire books, knew they had to stand out from the pack of genres.

At today’s NBC Virtual Television Critics Association panel for the series, which will premiere Oct. 5 with Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: No Coming Home), showrunner Harley Peyton (twin peaks) and executive producer/director Jeremiah Chechik told reporters (including SYFY WIRE) that their show really addresses the superficiality of the iconic bloodsuckers.

“For us, the world that was created by Johnny Truant in the original book really posed this interesting dichotomy between the world of vampires, where vampires are really vapid, conceited runway models. They’re looking for some kind of perfect perfection. Everything is about beauty. And that’s where we get into the body shame and body positivity issues,” Peyton told reporters. “Reginald, of course, just doesn’t fit the mold, so it’s something that we follow and work with, whether it’s text or subtext. And I think that’s enough unlike anything I’ve seen before. In other words, it’s really about vampire society; they like bureaucracy, they like looking in a mirror because they can’t see themselves in a mirror, and it’s all about this conflict between what we think of as beauty, and what we think of as inner truths and the beauty inside of us. , certainly, as a writer.

Series producer/executive director Jeremiah Chechik, who worked on the ground setting the tone and look during production in Vancouver, added, “I think the foundation of our show is very much grounded in a real dynamic emotional; this is the rock-solid foundation. It is based on how we fit in, how we present ourselves, what we think of ourselves, our relationships with others, what is expected of us, our sexual orientation and the color of our skin… All of those things are really social dynamics that we explore inside the packaging of a vampire show I think the root of our show isn’t really about create a horror vampire, “I’ll suck your blood” kind of show. It’s really about how when you die you can live better and you can become a better person, or not. But it’s the real reversal of tropes that stands out. And of course, totally and visually, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There’s a lollipop, pop-color aspect to it that really goes against dark black vampire lore.”

Reginald the Vampire airs October 5 on SYFY.

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