Special IMAX cinema release “The Beatles: Get Back”


Hello, Beatles fans of the world: The Beatles are coming to IMAX.

The Beatles had their last performance on January 30, 1969. Over 50 years later, audiences will be able to enjoy their favorite band on the big screen. A special theatrical release of the 1969 Beatles performance is scheduled for Sunday, January 30, 2022. The release includes bonus scenes never before seen on Disney Plus. Peter Jackson, the director of the famous The Lord of the Rings trilogy, takes the best of Beatles. “Let it Be” and “Abbey Road” are two of the most popular albums original fans grew up with and will now be able to relive the tunes of one of the greatest rock and roll groups in history with their children and grandchildren.

Forbes interviewed director Robert Rodriguez to discuss Peter Jackson and his approach to production To recover: “I was shocked when he offered me two to three hours.”

Jackson will reveal what really happened when the Beatles were preparing their new album To recover in the Apple Savile Row studio. Jackson’s free reign on the project allowed him to be honest about the band’s history. Disney promoted the film to be only a two-hour special, but Jackson got Disney to agree to share the eight-hour footage.


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