Snailmate releases “It’s Coming Back!” [Video]


Fierce and evocative duo snail companion just released their latest single for “It’s Coming Back!” the year’s debut from the Phoenix-based band who began releasing music in 2017. In “It’s Coming Back!”, Snailmate explores how nostalgia is sometimes and wrongly glamorized.

The trends and fashions of the 90s are back with a bang, and Snailmate reminds listeners that not all memories of such an era are happy and filled with positivity.

With lyrics including, “It’s coming back / The feeling of inadequacy I had / It’s coming back / The social anxiety I had / We’re swaying in a nostalgic safety net / Personally I’d rather break my neck”, shares the duo the issues they had as youngsters and how bringing that time back to life can be painful.

“It’s coming back!” is an intense sonic fusion of thrash rock, hip hop and punk, complete with an infectious shouto chorus and bold synths. Fuzzy bass lines glide over intense drums full of emotion for a thrilling must.

Snailmate is made up of Kalen Lander (vocals, synths) and Bentley Monet (drums, vocals). For over five years, the two have toured tirelessly, playing over a thousand shows and releasing a string of EPs and singles. The group is part of the LGBTQ+ community and aims to make their music and shows a safe space for listeners around the world. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear more from this talented and truthful duo.

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