Skinshape shares collage video for wispy, gender-blurring meditation “Theme for Lazarus” [BPM Premiere]



Save as skin shape, former Palace bassist Will Dorey harbored a fascination with sounds that didn’t adhere to any specific musical framework. His music is a kaleidoscope of intersecting genres and rhythmic detours, resulting in a bouncy construction of influences that come together despite their disparate origins. At times reminiscent of the work of Tame Impala, Khruangbin and Madlib, his past albums are filled with the kind of warm, welcoming explorations that can only happen when vintage analog gear is used by someone supremely confident in their ability to coax radiant rhythms from its wireframe. tangles. Psych, funk, indie rock, pop – all of these genres are bent and tailored to fit his meticulous post-genre perspective.

On his new single, “Theme for Lazarus,” he wanders through mischievous pop landscapes filled with orchestral pinches, wobbly percussive beats, wordless vocalizations, and bursts of threadlike guitar lines. The track develops and maintains an elusive groove, swaying from side to side, never losing momentum and offering multiple pathways into its opaque depths – it finds purpose in this vaporous architecture, creating a series of moments in which the music surrenders fully to the whims of Dorey’s creativity.

Directed and animated by Kendra Morris, the song’s video uses collage animation in the vein of Lewis Klahr or Terry Gilliam to create an eerily hypnotic backdrop against which the music can be offered without restriction. The visuals are at times eerie but also beautiful in their own fragmentary way, adding to the emotional volatility of the sounds Dorey has so carefully crafted.

Watch the video below.

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