Singer-songwriter Dina Dove mixes rock music and catchy melodies in one original song



Armed with an electric guitar and a heritage of rock’n’roll, Dina Dove takes off.

Dove, whose name is Ruth Buergenthal, is a second year music and industry history student who will bring rock music and catchy melodies together with her electric guitar in this year’s Spring Sing. Growing up under the influence of high-energy bands like the Grateful Dead and The Clash, as well as video games Rock band, she noted she was also drawn to Taylor Swift as a songwriter. For Dove, the practice of songwriting allows her to express her thoughts in a non-confrontational way.

“Writing songs is like saying everything I haven’t said and being able to not only squeeze it out of my chest, but also hopefully say what other people thought or wished they had said. too, ”Dove said.

More recently, his new interest in the music and media 1980s inspired her songs’ emphasis on fun, she said. Blending ’80s pop and’ 90s grunge, Dove said she brings a modernized twist to both genres.

Her idea of ​​spinning familiar music to make it her own also translates into her social media presence, where Dove has said she rewrites and posts classic rock songs about women from a woman’s perspective. Dove’s close friend and sophomore geology student Gwyneth Stolo said she had witnessed Dove’s efforts to increase her online presence.

“She’s very passionate about her music and its broadcasting, and you can really see the work she does to stand up for (for) herself on social media (and) the programs she uses to make her music, ”Stolo said. “His music and his presence grew at the same time. ”

Through her music and industry history classes, Dove said she really looked at the marketing side of the music industry, which brought her to TikTok. Her schedule also took her to take the virtual stage at her apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, where she interned at Blackbird Studio to learn about the industry. Dove said she was immersed in the methods of music production while working in a place that musicians like Swift frequented.

But because she’s so far away from UCLA, Dove said she entered Spring Sing this year to feel more connected at school, which resulted in new connections and friendships. The filming process for her performance led to her first video collaboration, which provided more mobility than playing on stage with a guitar and microphone.

The video will also feature her original song, titled “Call Me When You Have Time”. As the track talks about the frustration of trying to virtually contact friends while in quarantine, Dove said the concept of the video focuses on hobbies that one can do instead of waiting for a callback. She selected the song for this performance because she hopes that its content can be relatable and optimistic for the audience.

“I think other people can probably relate to it or feel like they’ve been in the same position before, and so (I’m trying) to transform that and make it something tangible and something positive and a little optimistic, although the whole situation has been quite disappointing, ”said Dove.

Dove’s ability to interact with others reflects how confident she is in herself when she performs, said drummer and friend Sam Gleason, a sophomore psychology student. Likewise, Stolo said Dove easily adapted to connecting with audiences in the virtual sphere. and can bring that to the competition to come.

“She is able to maintain this interaction with the public online as well as in person,” said Stolo. “She’s very adaptable and interactive, so I think she’ll get more audience participation and response.”

Going forward, Dove plans to release three songs in EP format, which she says will reflect the production skills she learned during her internship. She said she hoped to continue sharing her music with others and become a professional musician and songwriter, fulfilling her childhood dream of being a rock star and following her love for music.

“I feel like no matter what’s going on in your life, you’re still listening to music and there’s always a song for that,” Dove said. “That’s really why I love (music) so much, is that you can always find a song that you can relate to and that you can love or hate, as long as it makes you happy. ”

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