Scream Factory is upgrading the first three “Child’s Play” movies to 4K Ultra HD!


Our friends at vinegar syndrome just kicked off their annual “Halfway to Black Friday” sale for Memorial Day weekend, and as always, it’s a HUGE one for fans of the label.

The “Halfway to Black Friday” sale is live until Monday at 11:59 p.m. EST, and for starters, you can take advantage of it by saving 50% off almost EVERYTHING in Vinegar’s store.

Additionally, secret versions of Vinegar Syndrome have been unveiled for sale, including all-new Vinegar Syndrome titles. terribly afraid and Voyage of the Rock Aliens.

New limited edition sheets and boxes are now available for Taboo 1-4, The beesand hobgoblinswith VSA versions red surf and don’t expect any pity also brought into play.

The cornerstones of this year’s sale are Thriller: A Cruel Image, Cloak and Daggerand Miami Connection in 4K Ultra HD, all of which have their prices reduced for sale.

New merchandise also went on sale this weekend, including horror movie paperbacks Creature (Finding of the Titans) and terribly afraid!

And remember, the sale isn’t just about NEW releases. These are also past versions, which have been reduced by more than 50%. This is your chance to fill up on what you’ve been missing!

Head over to Vinegar Syndrome to enjoy it while you can!

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