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“You have no idea what kind of FOMO I’ve been feeling all this time,” says Sanjana Sanghi when asked about her absence during promotions for her debut theatrical release, Rashtra Kavach OM, with Aditya Roy Capur. The actress was miles away, traveling with her next fellow Dhak Dhak’s crew and recently joined Rashtra Kavach OM’s team on the ground. In an interview with BT, Sanjana talks about the change she felt going from an emotionally difficult start to a physically exhausting actor and more. Excerpts:

Shooting for director Kapil Varma’s Rashtra Kavach OM right after a dramatic and emotionally difficult film like Dil Bechara must have been kind of a respite for you, right?
It was definitely a paradigm shift for me after Dil Bechara, but it was by no means a break. The action, as a genre, is so nuanced and thought provoking. It requires a completely different set of skills. It’s physically taxing. How I had to apply myself emotionally at Dil Bechara and how I had to pull myself physically at Rashtra Kavach OM were entirely different exercises. I am grateful that this film allowed me to push myself as an actor and discover a new side of myself so early in my career.

Action movies often have less work for an actress, unless she’s the focal point of the story. What prompted you to give the nod to this film?
When I first received the narration from producer Ahmed Khan, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how the writers and Kapil wrote my character Kavya, and how well-rounded she is as a person. and essential to the story. Yes, the stereotype so far has been that actresses have had less to do in an action movie, that’s also why I had fewer references to watch when we were prepping for the movie . However, it is refreshing to see that filmmakers like Ahmed monsieur and Kapil want to change this dynamic. Today, I hope this film will restore the confidence of screenwriters and filmmakers and make them believe that girls can kick ass and do action scenes with conviction while taking care of themselves… like boys.

You had to go through a lot of preparation, which also included physically demanding stunt training. Can you elaborate on this subject?

Kavya is a fierce, powerful, and loyal special agent in the film. She is like a rock for her team and her country. I was committed to the fact that beyond working on the action and practicing to play it, I would also focus on bringing out the person that Kavya is. No matter what profession you are in, what you do every day affects you emotionally. The idea throughout the preparation was to understand her heart and keep it natural and real. It was our effort. Whether talking about real-life references or studying examples from Hollywood films, the idea was to give it a rounded feel, which involved a boot camp and the mapping of its emotional journey. in history.

Shooting action pieces is a task, especially with the kind of risk involved when it comes to injury. Since this was your first taste of the action, what was your overall experience? Do you see yourself making more films in this genre?
Shooting action scenes is like mixing science with dance. This requires precision and it requires experts to be on site to get it right. A mistake, a millisecond delay, or a minor miscalculation can lead to extreme results – injury, permanent damage, etc. It is important to concentrate and practice; familiarity with what you are going to do on stage is important for actors. I can’t tell you how scared I was before I started shooting Kavya’s first action sequence. It was just at the start of filming. I couldn’t believe that Ahmed sir and Kapil threw me deep from the start. But once I nailed the first action sequence, it boosted my confidence. Now I love the action genre and I’m sure I’m making more movies of that genre.

How did your agreement with Aditya Roy Kapur go? He’s tried an action before, but it seems to be a lot more hardcore…
Adi had tried his hand at acting while directing Malang, but that wasn’t the genre he played in this film. As for me, I was totally new to the scene. I always believed that in some cases you would forge an equation with someone from the first meeting. And sometimes, even after knowing each other for years, things can’t be simple and great. Equations and relations are special; human relationships are strange and difficult to put aside. Adi and I hit it off right from the start. He’s a friend. We were there for each other the whole time, throughout the process. We will always share this link.

Since you are still relatively new to the industry, what filters do you use when selecting a film? Is there a strategy you have planned for your upcoming career?
I can’t apply logic, overthinking, and strategy to all of my creative decisions. I’m not sure exactly what draws me to a movie, what makes me read it from cover to cover in one sitting and give it my nod the next morning. I wanted to do OM after the very first call I had with Ahmed Monsieur and Kapil. I read Dhak Dhak overnight when Taapsee Pannu who produces it shared the script with me and the next morning I told her I was on board regardless of who else she decided to Choose. It’s safe to say that I work on instinctive decisions. It makes me discover myself in more than one way with each film. As an artist, our journey is about self-discovery. If I stop surprising myself, my audience won’t be surprised by me either.

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