Rock Music Singer-Songwriter Cari Cartmill & Kill Hollywood Aptly Release “Trump’s USA”



Rock music singer/songwriter Cari Cartmill & Kill Hollywood, officially release a timely ditty “Trump’s USA”, inspired by recent committee revelations on January 6, 2021. “Trump’s USA” is a rhythmic rock track that reflects political satire with his lyrical script describing the insurrection and its incongruities with the Constitution and America’s protection of freedoms.

“Trump’s USA” represents Cari’s first summer single from her new album “Back From Oblivion” and is the culmination of a turbulent three-year comeback effort. “Trump’s USA” is available on

Cari has spent the past three years retuning his chops, putting together a band, writing and recording music. Fueled by new ambition and a desire to be heard, Cari chose eleven songs for the album from over 2 dozen songs tracked and recorded over the past 2½ years. The inspiration and dedication for the album “Back from Oblivion” goes to Ian Cartmill, Cari’s beloved late brother, who was a producer/engineer and owner of a studio in San Francisco. Ian has worked with DOA, Dead Kennedys and Flipper. “Ian’s motto was ‘Nothing’s impossible if you’re just getting out,'” says Cari Cartmill, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Cari Cartmill is a self-produced singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and veteran rock artist. His new album, Back from Oblivion, is a plaintive whine and a post-pandemic Tour de Force. Cari is an unsigned artist known for her high-energy rock shows and her engagement with audiences. After a long hiatus from the industry, Cari Cartmill returns with her song relevant to the current news cycle “Trump’s USA.”

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