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About us releases the first official music video “Gimme Gimme”

Release of the eponymous debut album in preparation

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Dimapur | April 28

“Mark my words … it will go a long way. Incoming Rewards ”- read one of the comments on the first official About Us music video“ Gimme Gimme ”which premiered on the YouTube channel on April 28th.

Over 600 comments and 20,000 views logged in, all in thanks and support for About Us and their latest song release.

About Us are an experimental hard rock band from Nagaland. The composition of the group: Sochan-chant; Renlamo – Guitars; Ponn-Guitars; Soren-Bass; Lich Kithan- drums; and Renbomo: keyboard.

The group has already released their first single ‘Loaded Love’ on December 21, 2020.

The music was recorded and mixed at Infinite Records, Kohima and the video was shot by “Tbos Entertainment” (from PSYCHO K4 Fame).

The song brings the rock genre of the 80s and 90s back to the ecstasy of Nagaland music lovers.

One enthusiastic fan commented: “Speechless. Being born in the 80’s era, rock music has always been the backbone of my entire system. Finally, I’m too proud to share that after decades the Naga Original Music image is finally back. Thank you very much “About us.”

“… my phone started to spit fire while listening to this, there are a lot of stars in Nagaland but for me ‘About us’ shines the most of them so far thank you’ About us “for literally giving us something good during this time, more power and blessings for all of you,” another comment wrote.

“No wonder the Nagas are talented but this one !!! Far above … beyond reach. First time in a long time, I felt so good,” commented a musician with the request to “Make more music”.

Sharing the fun side amid the damning comments, one fan said, “Right now I’m in the middle of a jungle looking for a network because I was so excited to watch this MV … this moment flies, mosquitoes and birds are bumping their heads with me.

Another shared, “I was listening to this on my phone when my dad came into my room and slapped me after seeing what I was doing and then he said, ‘There are speakers in my room. the living room. Play on it.

Adding to fan elation, the band also shared an exciting update that ‘Gimme Gimme’ is on their upcoming self-titled debut album, which band manager and lyricist K Edward Ngullie says is hoping to release in a few months. .

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