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Cebu bands Kiss Puppy and Cosmic Kid collaborated on a split EP on October 29, 2021. The EP features two songs per group, which were previously released as exclusive singles for digital release.

The EP will be the means for artists to connect with their fans and listeners through physical formats such as cassettes produced by the label and the PAWN Records printing house.

The EP features singles like “Gum In My Pocket” by Kiss Puppy and “Maintaining Distance” by Cosmic Kid. These tracks were released on April 29, 2020 and premiered on a Spotify podcast / radio show called “PAWNCast”.

The delay in the release of the EP is attributed to the pandemic, but both groups are excited that the project is finally unveiled.

“The idea of ​​doing a split EP started around 2015, when we were playing concerts at HeadquarterZ, a now defunct bar that was known to host an endless amount of shows and to be one of the epicenters of the music scene. of Cebu at the time. I was inspired by bands based in the US that I was in that were releasing separate EPs as a way to release music as fast as possible and tour to make themselves known, ”said Wes Bacareza, singer. and bassist of Cosmic Kid.

“The experience was so unique. We hardly meet because it is an independent collaboration between two groups, explained Kersly Potter, the singer of Kiss Puppy.

“Most of the songs we decided to release were written before the split was even planned. It was a quick check-in process. I didn’t even expect this split to happen because of the pandemic, but we did it anyway. “

The groups compared the release of the EP in physical format to how they contribute to a local community in consuming analog music.

“I am so happy to be associated with a dedicated group like Cosmic Kid. We have similar aesthetic tastes and I’m so glad Wes is directing everything because I trust his old-fashioned art direction more than mine, ”Potter added.

“Really glad it’s over now and I can’t contain the excitement of having our EP on a tape. Such a dream! Follow Cosmic Kid and Kiss Puppy on their social media pages for their music, news and updates.

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