Review: Grandson Delivers Glorious New Sound in Alt-Rock Genre


“Death Of An Optimist” represents the artist’s debut album

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The album is the start of a large rollout, which includes an upcoming film

Alternative rock fans have been keeping a close watch on rising artist Jordan Edward Benjamin, better known as Grandson, for some time now. After releasing three EPs, aptly titled the ‘modern tragedy’ trilogy, the rocker is back with his first full project. Two and a half years later, his grandson finally released his first studio album, “Death Of An Optimist”.

The debut album is a brash 12 tracks that push the rock genre in directions never seen before. The album sees the artist mixing sounds reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots, Weezer and Skrillex in a unique stylistic way.

The album also sees the artist expanding outside of his small circle and collaborating with other renowned artists in the rock industry. A handful of contributions come from Travis Barker of Blink-182, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Andrew Dawson.

Over the almost 40-minute duration of the album, the grandson leans more heavily on heavy rock than ever before and isn’t afraid to dive into rap sometimes for his fans. Throughout the concept of the album, the artist demonstrates a battle between his two alter-egos, “G” and “X”.

“G”, a man who believes that change can be made for the better in the world, shines on light trails with a positive attitude. “X,” however, believes the world is too far away for change to make a difference, or just doesn’t believe the world deserves a change for the better. The artist dives deep into these alter egos, often alternating between song verses.

The excruciatingly long wait for his first album is far from the end of the project’s deployment. In addition to several previously released singles, as well as the album itself, the grandson is selling tickets to a live event called “Death Of An Optimist: The Movie” which will take place on December 17th. Tickets can be purchased in advance. for the special one night event.

What can be considered an album filled with negativity and despair for most of the project leads to a happy ending on the hint to his next project, “Welcome to Paradise”. G can sing about better days ahead as people come together to make a change for good.

On the other hand, others think it may be X discussing a pipe dream that too many people choose to participate in during these tragic times in real life. It is up to the listener to choose what to believe. No matter what lies ahead, fans are sure we’ll see the grandson deliver his loud, defiant sound for years to come.

Reviews: 4.5 / 5

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