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Princess of Mars is a 2009 American science fiction fantasy film about a wounded American soldier who is teleported to the planet Barsoom; there he faces hostile aliens and fights for his survival.

Written and directed by Mark Atkins (6 headed shark attack; The Shark Empire; shark planet; sand sharks; et al) loosely based on the 1917 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Asylum production stars Antonio Sabato Jr, Traci Lords, Matt Lasky, Chacko Vadaketh, Mitchell Gordon, Noelle Perris and Matt Lagan.


“For the first hour I thought this might be one of the best asylum movies I’ve seen. I know that’s not saying much, but still. It was like a classic Steve Reeves Hercules movie, and it was a lot of fun. Then we come to the Lizard People’s castle, and their leader has a group of human women with their eyes gouged out and eyelids sewn on. What? Weird weird weird.” Direct to the video connoisseur

“The film is also erratically paced with bursts of crazy-paced CGI action followed by lulls of boring heartbreak of absolutely nothing of importance happening in front of us. While I wouldn’t call Traci Lords a bad actress, her whole portrayal of the Dejah Thoris character seemed to be narrow eyebrows and pursed lips indicative of concern. Film critics gathered

“Things happen between huff and puff characters, but there’s the usual lack of believable action, observable effects, or decent acting. At 41, Lords is a bit too matronly for Princess Leia’s slave outfit and looks sulky everywhere […] There is something discouraging in the ugliness of these films on Asylum…” Kim Newman’s webpage

“The plot is dumb and gets bogged down in so much nonsensical bullshit […] the special effects are bad, the acting is bad, and Traci Lords isn’t worth the price of an “entrance fee.” There are some unintended laughs to be had here, but not enough for me to watch it again. You may disagree. Mondo Bizarro

“What’s surprising is that, despite being produced on one of The Asylum’s typically poor budgets, Princess of Mars comes across as half-reasonable. […] The visual effects are better than one would expect. They are much more competent than is usually the case with The Asylum films. Giant Spiders and Thoats are reasonably compelling. » Moria

“The acting sucks and at 42 Lords it’s well past its sell-by date as a believable Martian princess in need of rescuing. (She’s more reminiscent of an embarrassing aunt who always wears the same trashy outfits she wore as a teenager.) The special effects and makeup suck (no one even bothered to hide the fact that the actors are wearing cheap rubber masks). Science fiction movie page


“Of course it’s low budget, but at least they used their meager finances wisely and allocated the money where it was really needed. The CGI is pretty good and the art direction gives the movie the look and feel of it. “An ’80s Roger Corman movie. The movie has its flaws to be sure. It runs a bit long, suffers from a weak villain…” The video vacuum

In the UK, the film was released as Mars Colony Wars.

Renamed and reissued in 2012 under the title John Carter of Mars. Rent or buy through Amazon Premier

Ground [contains spoilers]:
John Carter (Antonio Sabato, Jr) is a U.S. Army sniper serving in Afghanistan, wounded in the line of duty and used in a teleportation experiment in which he is transferred to Barsoom, a planet outside of Earth’s solar system, where he exhibits the ability to leap incredible distances.

Initially enslaved by the Tharks, he gains rank among them and later saves a rival group’s princess, the human-looking Dejah Thoris (Traci Lords), from death.

The group of Tharks, led by Tars Tarkas, take Carter to their leader Tal Hajus, guarded by Tars Tarkas’ daughter, Sola. Learning that Tarkas gave Carter a military rank that only Hajus can give, Tarkas and Carter are forced to duel.

After winning, Carter faces Sarka, an Afghan mercenary who had betrayed him. When Sarka escapes, Carter helps Tarkas kill Hajus and become the new leader of the Tharks.

Captain Carter then learns that Dejah Thoris has fled to the planetary air purification station that keeps Barsoom habitable, which Sarka damages, causing the atmosphere to deteriorate. John Carter and Sarka duel, but Sarka is killed by an insect during the fight.

After Carter and Dejah Thoris reactivate the station, Carter is sent back to Earth, where he refuses to tell his superiors of his adventures for fear they will colonize Barsoom, and returns to his military duties while hoping to one day return to Earth. planet.



Cast and characters:
Antonio Sabato Jr … John Carter
Traci Lords … Dejah Thoris
Matt Lasky … Tars Tarkas
Chacko Vadaketh … Sarka/Sab Than
Mitchell Gordon … Tal Hajus
Noelle Perris … Sola
Matt Lagan … Kantos Kan
Kimberly Ables Jindra … Saroh Kan
Tomas Boykin … Cornwell Sams
Rob Ullet … Hudson
Dean Kreyling … Atol Nard
Mohammad Kavianpour … Hosan
Jay Beyers … Thark Gordack
Ali Tagi Alexandre … Jamal
Jonathan Footman … Thark
Jordan Steele … Thark

Filming locations :
Bronson Cave and Canyon, Los Angeles, California
Vasquez Rocks, Sierra Pelona, ​​Los Angeles County, California


Film Facts:
Promotional art for the film mentioned how the original story inspired some elements of James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatarbut neither the credits nor the promotional material mention Edgar Rice Burroughs.

This low-budget movie should not be confused with the 2012 big-budget movie John Carterwhich was also an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel “A Princess from Mars”.


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