PIXIES Founder Admits “Rock Music Has Been Knocked Off Its Pedestal”



Pixies leader and co-founder Black Francois (Where Frank Black, depending on his mood) has seen a lot come and go throughout his career as a pioneering musician. The Pixies the soft-loud-sweet songwriting dynamic was the template for countless bands to come, but none more than the torchbearers of 90s rock, Nirvana.

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But what about rock music these days? francis had some thoughts on this when he came to chat with NME. “In the age of the internet, rock music has been knocked off its pedestal. People just don’t need it as much, do they? reflexive francis in the interview. “Compared to how they did – at least when I was a kid – it’s not praised in the same way and it doesn’t have the same stature culturally, which is good – it’s show business It has to compete with other things.

“My kids are plugged into the matrix of their phones and listening to whatever they want: one minute they’re listening to K-pop and the next it’s fat wall; they are not tied to a single group or genre. When you have a digital archive on your phone, it’s [like] “Great, down the rabbit hole we’re going!” But it’s only when you go off the net and find something in a record store that isn’t available online that it feels exclusive and magical.”

The Pixies‘ 8e PL, Doggerel, will be released on September 30 via BMG. About making records now, having developed such a comprehensive catalog, francis Told NME“There’s no point in trying to overtighten because it will end up looking like Pixies anyway, even if it’s something we’ve never done before. It still looks like us, so I think we’re quite comfortable trying different things more than we were before.”

You can discover the latest single from Doggerel“Human Crime”, below.

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