Guaranteed online loans for bad credit -Get a bad credit loan online today with us

In my loan, you can borrow from DKK 10,000 to DKK 50,000 with a maturity of between 1-6 years. Of course, you choose the amount of money you want to borrow and how long the loan will be (maturity). You can do this by dragging the bars on the right side of the front of my loan.

When you make your choice of loan and maturity on the front page of your loan, your expenses will be calculated automatically. You can see your monthly earnings on the selected loan in large print. With a little less font just below you can see more data about the loan, such as interest and fees. Note that no specific interest rate is specified, but instead an interval. Pt. the borrowing rate for ow loans is between 9.90% and 26.08%. The final interest rate is determined only after you apply for a loan offer. The interest rate depends on your credit rating. In order to know your interest rate, you must apply for a loan. Note that a loan application is not binding, but only a request for a loan offer. Once you receive the loan offer, you can then decide if it is an attractive offer for you.

What do you do if your credit is bad and you need a loan? Get a bad credit loan online today with us

If you apply for a bad credit loan online today at, your loan will be approved within a maximum of 1 hour. Then you will receive a concrete loan offer. Once you have decided on the loan offer, you must approve your loan via NemID. As long as you have not approved the loan, it is only an offer. If you are considering several different providers, you may want to apply more places and then quote each other to find the most lucrative offer for you.

Once you have approved the loan, the money will be transferred to your account. This happens in most cases already the same day. In some cases, however, you will first have the money in your account the next banking day. This is most often if you first approve the loan in the late afternoon or in the evening.

Note that the law prescribes 14 days of cancellation on loans. This means that you can also get out of the loan after you have approved it. If you use the cancellation right, you will not pay fees, but you will still have to pay interest for the time you have had the loan. If you pay the money back immediately you have them in the account, you will usually be charged for one or two days of interest. Therefore, you should only approve a loan that you need and intend to keep.

Please make applications with multiple providers, but only approve the loan you wish to keep.

3 simple steps

You are only 3 simple steps from getting a loan at my loan:

  • Apply online
    Fill in your information in the application. Your application is treated confidentially and safely.
  • Your answer
    I loan will answer your application within a maximum of 1 hour (valid for opening hours at 8.00 pm – 2 pm)
  • Sign the loan
    Are you satisfied with the loan offer, just sign it with NemID? Then the money is transferred to your account.

Good reasons to choose a loan

I loan is one of many options for a consumer loan in Denmark. 

Below we will outline some of the reasons that an ow loan may be a good option for you:

  • Make your dream come true
    If your dream requires financing, you are only 3 simple steps from having the funding in place. You decide what you want to spend the money on. A great nice wedding, a dream trip, the payment for your dream car or something else. At my loan, do not explain what you spend the money on.
  • Quick approval
    Your loan is approved within 1 hour
  • Quick payment
    Most often you have the money in your account already the same day
  • Danish company
    Loans safe and secure with a Danish company. This way you also get Danish customer service.
  • Security
    My loan uses the latest and safest technology in SSL encryption.
  • Easy with NemID
    NemID has been prone to the inconvenience of cardboard. But through the great security of NemID, you can quickly and securely approve your loan in a short period of time. This avoids the problems of earlier times with signatures on paper to be sent by mail.
  • You must not make security
    A loan from Ek loan does not require you to provide security. This means that ow loans cannot take your assets like a home or car if you have problems with the refund.
  • Tailored loans
    You tailor your loan yourself. Ie Loan amount and maturity are all up to you. This allows you to customize the loan to exactly your needs.
  • Fixed low-interest rate
    You avoid interest rate increases and thus unpleasant surprises. Once your interest rate is fixed in your loan offer, then this interest rate is retained throughout your loan term. You do not, therefore, risk interest rate increases.
  • You can apply now – whether you’re sitting on a computer or not
    I loan is optimized both for a computer, for mobile and for a tablet. So whatever your device, the application is easy and safe.