Oskar Thomas defies genre in latest single “It’s Just Us, We Are Stardust”


Oskar Thomas’ latest offer, It’s just us, we are Stardustwill be welcomed by rock fans and RnB lovers alike.

You’ve probably heard the word defy genre once or twice, but if you’re looking for its definition, Oskar Thomas’ single, It’s just us, we are Stardustshould be written on this thin dictionary page.

No wonder the single is unique… After all, Thomas played in Sydney psych-rock band The Spectrum for four years before launching his solo career.

Oskar Thomas on Instagram

History aside, there’s no doubt that the multi-instrumentalist has found his solo sound in trap and RnB.

Oskar Thomas made a name for himself with his first single Garden last year, mixing trap samples and 808s with acoustic guitar lines.

It’s just us, we are Stardust takes a similar route, accompanying the auto-tuned vocals with soft clav and floaty guitar plucks, combining to build a temple of trappy ambience.

While his main influences are Frank Ocean, WizKid and Travis Scott, the Sydney-based solo artist has developed his palette through artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Miles Davis and Nick Drake.

So in the likely event that you’ve never heard of a psychedelic RnB song, do yourself a favor. To listen It’s just us, we are Stardust below.

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