Orphan Star Isabelle Fuhrman Talks Two New Films at the US Film Market



Actor Isabelle Fuhrman wastes no time racking up hard-hitting performances. After her promising debut as the title character in 2009’s horror thriller “Orphan,” she recently reprized the role in this year’s prequel “Orphan: First Kill.” His ultra-intense performance in 2021 indie “The Novice” made waves from critics, signaling a talent that goes hand in hand with his work. She recently wrapped two Radiant Films Intl. titles, the sci-fi mystery “Littlemouth” and the thriller “Unit 234”, the latter being sold to the AFM. She spoke with Variety about her recent rise in the industry.

You have been very busy!

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Last year was a wild ride! I’m currently filming “Horizon” by Kevin Costner, which is so surreal. And I shot “Unit 234” and “Littlemouth” earlier this year, with about a month break in between. By the end of the year, I’ll have shot five films, so I’m going with the flow, and right now it’s a lot of work. But I love it, so I’m very happy.

What can you say about “unit 234”?

It’s about a young woman who works in a warehouse and finds an unconscious man in one of the units. The script is so cool, and Andy Tennant is one of my favorite directors. We shot in the Cayman Islands because it was a COVID-free zone, and I got the chance to play someone going through a real emotional transformation, which was a really nice aspect of the script.

And “Little Mouth”?

“Littlemouth” was a script that I read very quickly. I think everyone has a slight obsession with aliens, and I’m a true believer and love that stuff. It’s a sci-fi movie that challenges what we know about life, and it’s still grounded in reality, and yet the story is a bit far in the future, allowing you to dream a little. Working with Dennis Quaid was a great experience. He is such a player on set and has such an infectious and graceful energy. He’s been in this industry for so long, and he loves doing the job, and it was so nice to see in terms of someone I’ve looked up to for so many years. The movie is an interesting take on the sci-fi genre that people haven’t really seen yet.

You seem drawn to thrillers.

I don’t usually watch thrillers, but when I read them, the best ones can be very gripping. They can strike a very primitive chord in people, especially when survival is at stake, and roles like these really stretch you as an actor. It’s like flexing different muscles to find out more about yourself, and when the characters are darker, it’s a really cool process to figure out how to humanize them.

What do you want to tackle soon?

I really want to do a biopic. I want to play a real person, and it’s about disappearing into roles. I would like to try to see how far I can go into a real life character. I never want people to see the actor playing the part in anything I do. It’s about being challenged, and I think that’s the next big challenge I want to take on as an actress.

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