NINE GUESTS FOR A CRIME (1977) Giallo Murder Mystery reviews



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Nine guests for one crime is a 1977 Italian crime film in which vacationers on a remote Mediterranean island are killed one by one.

Directed by Ferdinando Baldi (Treasury of the Four Crowns; Express Terror!; Django, prepare a coffin) from a screenplay written by Fabio Pittorru (The red queen kills seven times; The night Evelyn rose from the grave; The Weekend Murders), very loosely based [uncredited] on the novel by Agatha Christie And then there was no more.

Produced by Mario di Nardo (Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century; A modo di essere gave) and Mario Forges Davanzati (Geometra Prinetti selvaggiamente Osvaldo).

The International Movies-Rewind Film co-production stars Arthur Kennedy (The humanoid; The Sentinel; The Antichrist; Let the sleeping corpses rest), John Richardson (the church; obsession with murder; Eye-ball; Torso; black sunday), Sofia Dionisio (ring of darkness; Live like a cop, die like a man; my dear killer), Massimo Foschi (Holocaust 2000; Last cannibal world), Dana Ghia, Caroline Laurence, Loretta Persichetti (Executors), Rita Silva and Venantino Venantini (The exterminators of the year 3000; city ​​of the living dead; Express Terror! Seven deaths in the cat’s eyes).

The soundtrack was composed by Carlo Savina (recycled from Reflections in black; The killer has reserved nine seats; Lisa and the devil; The Legend of the Blood Castle).


“It’s one of those movies where everyone potentially has a motive to kill (as is usually the case when it comes to a legacy), but a possibility seems so obvious from the start that you’re sure that’s not where they’re going…until they do.Predictability ends up relegating this mostly to the travelogue category as it showcases some breathtaking scenery in Sardinia. The Bloody Chasm of Horror

“…there’s a lot of gratuitous female nudity and J&B drinking.” But if all the boxes are thus ticked, what is largely lacking is the sense of going well beyond the simple gesture, by adopting a more personal approach or one more adapted to the specificities of the film, whether in a solidarity or subversive. ” Giallo fever


“Beautiful landscapes, a few photos of naked female stars and a few brutal murders pretty much sums it up. The tension that should have arisen between the characters as they suspect each other of being the murderer is simply not there. Kult Eye Bleeder


“Fabio Pittorru’s screenplay isn’t the most original story ever told, but it’s very quick in pace and execution. The flashback scene sets the scene in an interesting way for what’s to come, and some of the murder settings that unfold are surprisingly wicked. Carlo Savina’s score is also quite correct…” Rock! Shock! Popular!


“Characters react to increasingly gruesome events by getting sloppy drunk and ranting even louder at each other while the surprise twist is one most viewers will have seen coming a mile away. Features the classic line: “Now the puppy has grown up and secretly turned into a tiger!” Invaluable.” The rotating image


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Main soundtrack theme:

Cast and characters:
Arthur Kennedy … Uberto, Giulia’s husband
John Richardson … Lorenzo, Uberto’s son
Caroline Laurence … Giulia, Uberto’s second wife
Massimo Foschi … Michele, Uberto’s son
Loretta Persichetti … Patrizia, Giulia’s daughter
Flavia Fabiani [Sofia Dionisio] …Carla, Michele’s wife
Dana Ghia … Elisabetta, Uberto’s sister
Rita Silva … Greta, Lorenzo’s wife
Venantino Venantini … Walter, Patrizia’s husband

Filming locations :
Palau, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy
Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Technical specifications:
1 hour 32 minutes

Italian titles:
Nove ospiti per un delitto “Nine guests for one crime”
Un urlo nella notte “A Cry in the Night”

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