Nicolas Cage says his best films have been in the past 10 years


Nicolas Cage’s mere existence is confusing and something we’re better off with don’t go too deep. Is he the worst villain? The worst good? Who knows. But the most puzzling detail about our favorite shamanist comedian was revealed during a recent interview with Colliderin which Nicolas Cage said he believed his best films had been made in the past decade.

“I think I’ve done some of the best work in the last 10 years of my entire life and I’ve put The unbearable weight of massive talent in this period, which was, in some ways, marginalized by some media,” said Nicolas Cage.

“But I think I’ll put Pig and Massive talent and mandy and color out of space and bad lieutenant and Jo and Trust and The runner against everything I did for the first 30 years.

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As subjective as it may be, keep in mind — this sentiment was expressed in all sincerity despite the fact The rock, Air conditioningas well as her Oscar-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas it all happened in the 90s; while Adaptation, Matches Menand the national treasure series took place a little later in the early 2000s.

Regardless of whether the masses can agree on Nicolas Cage’s best movies to date, one thing remains certain: he stands behind every entrant in his filmography to date — straight to video or otherwise.

Talk with QGCage described two things he refused to do when it was time to pay the IRS $6.3 million in unpaid property taxes (after spending his entire $150 million fortune): 1. file for bankruptcy (which was against almost everyone’s advice), and 2. call him for the paycheck.

“I have all these creditors and the IRS and I’m spending $20,000 a month trying to keep my mom out of a mental institution, and I can’t — it was all happening at once,” Nicolas Cage explained. about his debt.

“When I was doing four films a year, back to back, I still had to find something in them to be able to give it my all. They didn’t work out, all of them. Some of them were great, like mandybut some of them didn’t work.

“But I never phoned him. So if there was a misconception, that was it. That I was just doing this and didn’t care. I cared.

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Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Just over two years ago, Nicolas Cage officially repaid all of said debt shortly after signing for The unbearable weight of massive talent. Quite fitting, considering he portrays a fictionalized version of himself who agrees to a less-than-conventional gig for a quick price.

“I like making movies like Pig and Leaving Las Vegas more than I like making movies like national treasure“, added Nicolas Cage.

“I’m just going to focus on being extremely selective, as selective as possible. I would like to make each film as if it were my last.

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