Music 101: Rock Music in Mexico, 1950s-1970s



Rock music gained popularity in Mexico with the popularity of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Initially, it started out as somewhat jazzy orchestral covers of popular rock songs. However, soon garage bands sprang up all over Mexico and not only recorded covers of American hits, but also created their own songs, sung in Spanish and English.

As the 1960s progressed, however, it became more dangerous to be part of the counterculture, and so an entire underground rock movement was born.

In this week’s episode of Music 101, learn about the concept of The Wave; the Avandaro Rock and Wheel Festival, held in 1971 and often dubbed the “Mexican Woodstock”; and how rock music was banned in Mexico.

Playlist for Music 101: Rock in Mexico

“El Relojito” – Gloria Rios

“La Macedora” – Gloria Rios

“Mexican Rock and Roll” – Pablo Beltrán Ruiz and His Orchestra

“Where did you get it?” – Los Lunaticos

“Hiedra Venenosa” – Los Rebeldes del Rock

“La Plaga” – Los Teen Tops

“Dulces Tontieras” – Las Mary Jets

“Mugre” – Los UFOs

“Hang Out” – Kaleidoscope

“Let’s Do It Now” – Los Dug Dug’s

“Dejaloa” – Toncho Pilatos

“We Have the Power” – Peace and Love

“Can’t Get Enough” – Polvos

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