Movies that have been clouded by real-life scandals



Kristen Stewart was at the peak of her “Twilight” popularity when she filmed “Snow White and the Huntsman” in 2012, a gritty live-action take on the Snow White fairy tale. While the film went through production and premiered without any major issues, things took a turn during the summer 2012 press tour, when American weekly posted photos of Stewart and director Rupert Sanders kissing passionately.

A director and his leading wife going out for a kiss isn’t so shocking — even though he’s 19 years her senior — but at the time, Sanders was married with kids and Stewart was still involved with his ‘Twilight’ costar. “Robert Pattinson.

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ was released between the final two installments of the ‘Twilight’ film saga, and fans who had been so excited that the actors playing Bella and Edward were lovers in real life were devastated by the photos .

Sanders and Stewart both apologized and called it a momentary lapse in judgment, but the damage was already done (via vanity lounge). Sanders and his wife divorced, Stewart and Pattinson called it quits for good just months after the photos were released, and one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals of the year eclipsed another mediocre action flick.

Neither Sanders nor Stewart were invited back to work on the sequel, with Stewart telling Howard Stern that “They didn’t put me in this movie because I went through a high profile scandal, they were afraid to touch that. ” (via Yahoo! New).

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