Movies like Gold to watch next for more intense survival thrillers


Gold is a gritty survival thriller that features Zac Efron as a nameless wanderer who stumbles upon a colossal nugget of gold embedded in an unforgiving desert landscape. Determined to protect his new fortune, the man must endure the harsh climate and the wild dogs that lurk nearby, not to mention the all-consuming greed that drives him to madness.

Directed by the Australian filmmaker and actor Anthony Hayes, Gold succeeds thanks to Efron’s career-best performance and a compelling minimalist approach that brings its timeless themes to the fore. It’s certainly an exciting movie, but it’s not the only thrilling survival thriller you can watch. Here’s a list of seven movies we think fans will love Gold enjoy.

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Featuring one of Ryan Reynolds’ Best Performancesthe well titled Buried features Reynolds as an American truck driver in Iraq who – after his convoy is ambushed – ends up in a wooden box somewhere in the desert. Armed with only a Zippo lighter and a working cell phone, Paul desperately searches for help before time runs out.

Buried makes great use of its very specific premise thanks to the Spanish director Rodrigo CordeTight, constricting shots that bring a palpable claustrophobic air, not to mention a dread and courage that increases with every passing minute in this time-racing thriller. Key to the film’s success is Reynold’s impressive one-man show, depicting the frustration and discomfort of a man buried alive and confronting his morality as every vital second passes like grains of sand.

Based on a true story, 127 hours stars James Franco as Aron Ralston, a canyoneer who, while hiking in the Blue John Canyon in Utah, finds himself in a difficult situation when his arm is pressed against a rock wall by an immovable rock. Needless to say, the arm had to go, which it does gruelingly.

Director Danny Boyle brings all its visual prowess to 127 hours, creating a riveting and gripping film about a harrowing, life-changing experience in which a powerful story where a man learns to appreciate life as he grapples with death. As Ralston, the once-in-demand Franco delivers his finest performance through expressive acting poised to sell the tears, pain, and eventual happiness his character endures and experiences.

A gritty story of survival inspired by the lived experiences of the writer and producer Andrew Wight, Sanctuary tells the story of a group of adventurers who, while exploring a cave system in New Guinea, find themselves in a life-and-death situation when the monsoon hits and the caves begin to flood.

Directed by Alister Grierson, Sanctuary benefits in particular from its immersive use of 3D technology, a contribution from the filmmaker james cameron who, as a producer, brought to the film the same cameras and software that made Avatar the pinnacle of 3D cinema. Although the story and acting are clunky, Sanctuary succeeds as an immersive and visually awe-inspiring experience that offers a thrilling, claustrophobic adventure in a vast, maze-like structure.

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A gritty action thriller that pits the spirit of man against the brutality of nature, Grey stars Liam Neeson as Ottoway, a mercenary hired to protect workers at an oil drilling site in Alaska from wolves looking for slender prey. When a plane carrying Ottway and several workers crashes in the middle of nowhere, they are left at the mercy of the elements, brutal terrain, and wolves that stalk them day and night.

A hunting movie that features a formidable Neeson and his grizzly band of survivalists (including Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo) trying to survive the elements while staying one step ahead of the very menacing wolves, the Joe Carnahan-directed Grey is also a deeply felt drama, with each character having to realize they are about to fall prey to an unforgiving land and its people.

Featured screen legend Robert Redford in one of his best performances, All is lost tells the story of a man who finds himself lost in the Indian Ocean when his boat collides with a wayward container. Battered by storms and surrounded by sharks, the man does everything he can to keep his ship afloat.

Director JC Chandorafter his impressive debut margin calldelivers an immersive survival thriller in All is lost which draws its viewers into the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical journey of one man as he attempts to survive on the high seas. Despite minimal dialogue (only 51 words are spoken throughout the film), Chandor has crafted a film rich in themes and moving in emotions. It’s all made especially powerful by Redford who delivers a moving, thoughtful and gripping performance that ranks among his best in a career spanning more than 60 years.

An exceptionally well crafted and acted survival drama, Castaway stars tom hank as Chuck, a FedEx executive who crash-lands on a desert island. With no way to return home, Chuck must learn to adapt to his new surroundings. Four years later, Chuck decides to take a leap of faith and try to find his way back to civilization.

Filmed over a year, during which Hanks gained and lost 50 pounds for the role, Castaway proved to be an enduring classic, mostly thanks to an incredibly compelling performance from the lead actor. The two-time Oscar winner is alone on screen for two-thirds of the film, during which time he even achieves chemistry with a Wilson volleyball. Director Robert Zemeckis directed Castaway with the technical flair expected from the Back from the future filmmaker, but also brings a sense of maturity rarely seen in his previous films.

The first collaboration between prolific director Werner Herzog and the end Klaus Kinskythe whole of the 16th century Aguirre, the wrath of God tells the story of Spanish conquistador Don Lope de Aguirre, who loses his mind while leading an expedition in search of the legendary city of gold, El Dorado.

A highly acclaimed cult favourite, Aguirre, the wrath of God is a riveting piece of historical fiction that continues to conquer with its themes of greed and man’s disregard for nature, not to mention Kinski’s powerfully unbalanced performance. Equally infamous was the volatility behind the scenes, with Herzog and Kinksi at loggerheads over how Kinski should play his role. This led to an infamous confrontation between the two, when a clearly insane Herzog allegedly threatened to shoot Kinski and himself if Kinski carried through with his threat to quit the production.


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