MindFree’s debut album in California, creates a new genre called “Motown Grunge”


For fans of David Bowie, Fleet Foxes, Deep Purple, Elvis Costello and Neil Young.

(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): – Hollywood, Calif. July 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Hollywood’s MindFree debut album is something special. Not only is the chemistry between singer/guitarist Mark Abbruzzese and keyboardist Keith Walsh creatively charged, but drummer Ric Rosario’s added power and precision is also behind their unique brand of high-energy rock and roll.

“It’s a special moment,” Abbruzzese said of the release. “It’s something that seems surreal. But it happened. And I’m very happy with everything. When asked how he got his friends on board, was it fate? Buddha? Jesus? “No,” he replied. “I used handguns. A few knives. Some martial arts moves from my Taekwondo days. I asked him what specific Taekwondo moves were involved. “Hand on fist.”

Safer Daily Music Roll:

MindFree coined the phrase “Motown Grunge”, creating a vibe that respects classic rock, as well as post-punk, R&B and soul. Walsh relies on classic organ emulations such as Hammond B3 and Vox, as well as Fender Rhodes. Abbruzzese uses an all-analog pedal board called The Mothership, as well as all tube amps and guitars from Fender and Harmony. When MindFree delivers its unique brand of alternative rock, the sounds are organic and satisfying.

The album, recorded at Echo Bar studios in North Hollywood by CD Rios, is an eclectic body of work, containing everything from hard rock bangers to power pop ballads, a reggae track and some sweet poppers as well. The fabulous Moynahan brothers Mike and Danny contribute trumpet and saxophone on three songs.

Abbruzzese and Walsh have been friends since childhood, and although they split after high school, they reunited in 2018. After high school, Abbruzzese rocked Hollywood clubs with his bands Scenario and Rocketwolf, while which Walsh also played in Hollywood in his band. Fahrenheit as well as early Berlin records and Stacey Q. Ric Rosario left Texas for Hollywood some time ago to study at the Musician’s Institute. As well as being a dynamic drummer, he’s a voracious music lover, listening whenever he can – in the car or on the walk to work.

Please enjoy the first single from MindFree’s debut, “I Am The Wolf”, along with a cover of the classic Elvis Costello/Nick Lowe track “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding”.

‘MindFree’ is now available on band camp.

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