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Boasting a more exploratory approach, the Grand Rapids band released new material for Local Spins on WYCE, which also created music for Pretoria, Cal in Red, Rick Chyme, Chris Canas and more.

Loving big crowds: Melophobix on stage at the Cowpie Music Festival. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)


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Melophobix adopts the motto “The more the merrier”.

It’s like the funky rock and ska-tinged band from Grand Rapids who welcome and relish the idea of ​​pumping up a large audience with their festive, danceable attack.

“We love seeing the energy in the crowd and the people moving around,” said vocalist and guitarist Stefan Schwartz. “The best shows we’ve played have been in front of the biggest crowds. The more people, the better. We love it.

Trumpeter and vocalist Geoff Hansen added: “It’s the energy. We feed off each other and we feed off the crowd. We have all been trained in this and this is what keeps us going.

Tighter, more creative and exploratory: that’s what Stefan Schwartz says. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)

Melophobix has maintained it for over seven years, with the core lineup of six musicians – Schwartz, Hansen, saxophonist Nate Hansen, keyboardist Adam Parada, drummer Scotty King and bassist Ben Steer – performing regularly in venues and Michigan music festivals where fans revel in. in the lively music of the group.

After releasing an EP in 2016 and a full album in 2019, the band have recently begun releasing a string of new singles recorded at Third Coast Recording Co. in Grand Haven with Joe Hettinga.

Melophobix featured two of those 2022 tracks — the lively “Better” and a bit darker “Narcissism is Getting Us Places” — for this week’s edition of Local Spins on WYCE. Scroll down to listen to the radio show’s tracks and full podcast.

Hansen and Schwartz said the latest material — including new upcoming singles — represents a refinement of the band’s songwriting and sonic philosophy.

“I think the system has evolved over time,” Hansen suggested. “We’ve developed our process a bit more.”

Schwartz added: “I think we have become more focused. … Music is a constant evolution of what inspires us. It’s never questionable whether or not the tracks match what people previously thought of as a “Melophobix” sound. If we like it, we do it. »


Schwartz continued, “Over the years we have become closer, more creative and more exploratory. We do things to serve the song more often, and not the genre. We focused more on conveying feelings and the tone of the music rather than just playing a song. If it’s a happy song, how do we convey that? Then how can we make it even happier and reinforce this musical framework in auditory form. If it’s a darker, sadder vibe, how can we make that feel just by listening? We have gone to extremes in this regard.

As for more releases, Schwartz said the band “could get on the single bandwagon for as long as possible because people just don’t consume full albums like they used to,” though a project of complete studio could possibly find its place in the image.

Feeding off energy: Melophobix on stage. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)

Melophobix also plans to build on collaborations with other artists, having worked with Grand Rapids singer Sarena Rae and friends from rock band The Legal Immigrants on new music.

“I can guarantee we’ll do more in the future as well,” Schwartz said. “There are so many people we love and adore in this music scene, it would be a crime not to write a song and perform it together.”

Prior to that, Melophobix has a busy September and October with performances September 9 at Encore 201 in Traverse City, September 16 at The Deck in Muskegon, September 17 for Lopalooza in Lake Orion, September 24 for the Cadillac Craft Beer Festival. at Cadillac, October 15 for October on Ottawa to Grand Rapids, October 28 at Union Street Station in Traverse City and October 29 at The Livery in Benton Harbour.

Beyond spotlighting new music from Melophobix, the Sept. 2 edition of Local Spins on WYCE — which features music from Michigan at 11 a.m. Fridays WYCE (88.1FM) and online at – featured new tracks from Pretoria, Cal in red, legal immigrants (this week’s selection of musicians by Melophobix), Rick Chyme, Matt McAlpin, Super Future, Chris Canas, Nick Vein and Lucius Foxas well as a classic tune suitable for Labor Day from Joshua Davis. Listen to the show here.

PODCAST: Local Tours on WYCE (02/09/22)

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