Maru Martinez makes metal for genre fans and the uninitiated



Maru Martinez at Pie Shop

Maru Martinez play the kind of instrumental / math rock / jazz metal that will make you want to take a Guitar world magazine or swear never to take a stringed instrument. His work is audible within 10 seconds of each track – Martinez plays more notes in the first minute of a song than most bands play in a full ensemble. And while her playing is incredibly good, the music isn’t intimidating. Although the influence of shredders like Steve va and Joe satriani occupies an important place in the sacred hall of the Guitar Center, it is unlikely that you will see it on stage. Martinez carries on the tradition of these guitar gods, but Guitar Hero’s antics aren’t paired with unnecessary emphasis. Songs like “Moonlighter” feature instrumental prowess, but maintain a very nodding rhythm. This is the type of song that is accessible to both fans of the genre and the uninitiated. This makes his music an exceptional outlier. If you see her live you might want to ask her how she does what she does. Unfortunately, asking questions during shows has become more difficult during the pandemic. Martinez agrees: “One big change that I have noticed is that [COVID’s] makes mingling a little harder after the shows, ”said Martinez City paper. “Before, it was my favorite thing to do after a show: have a beer with people who came to the show or spend time at the merchant table to chat. We can still do these things safely by following protocols, but that has definitely changed. Martinez was originally scheduled to play Pie Shop in fall 2021, but the show has been postponed due to logistics issues. Fingers crossed, the show will continue tonight (January 12) at the Pie Shop as scheduled, because, as Martinez notes, “COVID has definitely affected attendance at many small local shows. So please boost yourself and wear a high quality mask. Do it for the local music scene. Do it for the metal. Maru Martinez performs with The Southern Ocean, Marzy Maddox and Rest Ashore at 8 p.m. on January 12 at the Pie Shop, 1339 H St. NE. $ 12.

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