Maneskin Says Censorship at 2022 VMAs Shows ‘Prejudice Against Rock Bands and Against Women’



Måneskin is all about keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive – which is why Italian rockers challenged censorship at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

When Maneskin’s Victoria De Angelis suffered a wardrobe malfunction that left her chest exposed during their performance of Alternative Airplay’s No. 1 hit “Supermodel,” the live show cut the bassist for plans. off the stage instead. in a new NME interview with De Angelis and frontman Damiano David published earlier this week, the duo shared that the censorship was a big disappointment for them as a group.

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“It shows that there’s still a lot, a lot of prejudice towards rock bands and towards women,” David said. NME. “There is a lot to work on and we are trying to do our part.”


manna skin

manna skin

Maneskin Delivers Risky ‘Supermodel’ Performance at the 2022 VMAs


The televised moment saw cameras at the awards show hurrying away from the stage after De Angelis was exhibited and towards an area containing empty seats; shortly after the moment, De Angelis descended into a pit of fans during the show to continue the performance.

“It’s sad, but it’s good that people are talking about it and thinking about it,” added De Angelis. “It’s stupid that there has to be this control and censorship on people’s bodies.”

On Sept. 6 — a week after the 2022 VMAs — MTV shared a “restored,” slightly less censored version of Måneskin’s performance. De Angelis’ wardrobe malfunction remains, though her bare chest is blurred in the final cut.

Revisit Måneskin’s performance of “Supermodel” at the 2022 MTV VMAs below.

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