Malaysian genre-fluid band The Peachskins name ‘ghosts’ in new upcoming single



The Peachskins consist of frontman Rafique ‘Raf’ Ramleh, drummer Faheem Amir and DJ and producer Shahid Rogers. — Image courtesy of The Peachskins

By Arif Zikri

Thursday, September 15, 2022 4:44 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, September 15th – Gender-fluid band The Peachskins release their latest single titled Phantom which will be released this Sunday, September 18.

The title of the track refers to the act of “ghosting” – which is defined by Marriam Webster’s dictionary site as the act of abruptly cutting off contact with someone, usually without explanation, by no longer accepting or by not answering phone calls or messages.

For the song, the band involved their fans in a survey of their Instagram Stories earlier this month where they asked the questions “have you ever been ghosted?” and “what was his name?”

The ongoing “study” aims to find the correlation between a love interest’s “ghosting” act with said “ghost’s” name.

The leader of the group, Rafique Ramleh, said a total of 67 people answered the two questions and shared the first name of their “ghosts” which includes names such as “Adam, Aiman, Isaac and Dane”.

The first results shared by the group reached more than 500 people on Instagram.

The Peachskins' upcoming single is about the ghost act and its reflection on today's society and dating culture.  — Image courtesy of The Peachskins

The Peachskins’ upcoming single is about the ghost act and its reflection on today’s society and dating culture. — Image courtesy of The Peachskins

The group’s DJ and producer, Shahid Rogers, describes the song as a reflection of local society and dating culture.

“Ghosting is an art of digital rejection.

“If you believe in ‘ghosts’ and their paranormal behavior, this song has all the makings of a dramatic, date night playlist,” Shahid said, adding that the reason they made the survey was to spark a conversation among the public and promote the single. .

Phantom is one of a wave of “singles” the band will soon be releasing, and the track finds the band exploring new sounds combined with their genre-fluid attributes.

Their edgy, gritty synth sound incorporates active ingredients from alternative rock, industrial hip-hop as well as drums and bass mixed with contemporary pop styles.

The Peachskins have previously made headlines for their guerrilla marketing technique which involved former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Instagram page to promote their EP. Are you OK?.

The group will perform live at the upcoming Good Vibes Weekender 2022 this September 24.

Phantom by The Peachkins will be available on all streaming platforms from September 18, to pre-record the track, thank you Click here.

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