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Today (July 13), the nation’s most popular streaming service shared rankings by genre that audiences normally don’t have access to – Spotify’s most popular rock bands. The occasion is International Rock n Roll Day (centered on the anniversary of the 1985 Live Aid concert) and the big reveal features the 21 most listened to rock artists in the first six months of 2017.

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This is particularly interesting because streaming is not exactly the stronghold of rock. The public tends to skew the millennium and strongly favor hip-hop and dance music. This week, the only representatives of the genre in Spotify’s Top 50 Songs – both globally and nationally – are Imagine Dragons and Coldplay, and the inclusion of the latter is contingent on a collaboration with Chainsmokers. So, under all the too-house guests and DJ Khaled, which rock artists are featured by the coveted millennial demo?

Here are the freshly unveiled charts, followed by our analysis.

** Ed. To note: Following the publication of this story, a representative from Spotify contacted Billboard. note that an error in their list wrongly left Imagine Dragons out of their ranking. The group actually ranked number two in the world and in the United States among Spotify’s top rock bands. Because Imagine Dragons was subsequently added to the top 20 lists, both now include 21 artists.

The 21 Best Rock Bands in the World on Spotify **

1. Coldplay
2. Imagine dragons
3. Twenty-one pilots
4. The Beatles
5. Linkin Park
6. Red hot peppers
7. Panic! At the disco
8. Metallica
9. Arctic monkeys
10. Queen
11. Falling boy
12. Green day
13. AC / DC
14. Pink Floyd
15. Flashing-182
16. Paramore
17. Guns N ‘Roses
18. Nirvana
19. The Rolling Stones
20. The 1975
21. Kings of Leon

The 21 Best Rock Bands in America on Spotify **

1. Twenty-one pilots
2. Imagine dragons
3. Coldplay
4. Panic! At the disco
5. The Beatles
6. Falling boy
7. Red hot peppers
8. Linkin Park
9. Flashing-182
10. Metallica
11. Green day
12. The 1975
13. Paramore
14. Deadly Five Finger Punch
15. Queen
16. Led Zeppelin
17. AC / DC
18. Pink Floyd
19. Arctic monkeys
20. Mumford and sons
21. Three days of grace

1. Twenty One Pilots and Coldplay Rule Streaming

In 2017, a rock band’s best bet for capturing the streaming generation is to not really sound like a rock band. This means that the guitar takes precedence over synths, keys and rhythms, if it is even used. We have a younger band, Twenty One Pilots, who proved that you don’t need a guitar to rock the suburbs (although naturally a little piano helps) and an older band, Coldplay, who stuck around. huge playing longtime flair for painfully serious EDM drama. The two have found their own ways of not appearing out of place next to Calvin Harris, Drake, and Justin Bieber on pop playlists, which brings us to an ultra-popular cognate spirit that’s strangely absent from Spotify’s lists …

2. Critically acclaimed indie rock bands aren’t as popular as you think

No one expected Father John Misty to break those lists, but a certain contingent of commercially viable summer festival (and year-end list) regulars – the kind of rockers you can bring back. home to mom and dad – is nowhere to be found. This includes Radiohead, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, and all Jack White related projects.

3. The “cooler” rock bands that made it more millennial-friendly

The Arctic Moneys have reached the top 10 in the world, which is impressive, but not particularly surprising given their scale in South America and their native UK. But they’ve also made their way onto the US roster, along with other dreamy English rockers, The 1975. Matty Healy and his company are actually higher on the US roster (11) than the international roster (19). Further reflecting their favor with younger audiences, the two groups featured prominently in Tumblr’s latest year-end rankings, which Billboard created last December.

4. Let’s listen to him for three days thanks

We’re still a little puzzled on this one. According to Spotify, only 20 rock artists have released more on their platform in the United States this year than Canadian hard rockers whose only track that streamed to over 100 million people was released in 2003. They haven’t released an album since 2015. But they have 12 number one Mainstream Rock singles to their name, two of which are from the 2015s Human.

5. Classic rock still has a place on Spotify

The Beatles are in the top two. Queen, AC / DC, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones – even more modern “classic” rock bands like Metallica and Guns N ‘Roses – are streamed with the kids. Maybe you would expect Nirvana to be a little higher. Overall, though, there’s nothing too surprising here: The streaming generation has their $ 250 Metallica t-shirts, and sometimes they’ll even give “Enter Sandman” a spin.

6. Panic! at the disco are bigger than the Beatles

At least in the United States, they are. Isn’t that something you can hear that influence of “Nine in the Afternoon” everywhere? Sgt. Pepper?

More seriously, Panic! is fourth on the US list and seventh on the world list. They’re often seen as nostalgia for the mid-2000s, but they have enjoyed a quantifiable career rebirth over the course of their last two studio albums, especially those from 2016. Death of a single person, whose tracks average nearly 60 million plays each.

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