Lindsay Lohan’s new movies are always remakes of old classics



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Lindsay Lohan is back in the spotlight, and rightly so. Everyone loved him in The parent trap (1998) and in terrible friday (2003).

Most of the movies she’s starred in are remakes of classics, and each one has been a hit. It makes sense that his next two would be too.

The parent trap (1961/1998)

Parent Trap Daughters at Camp
Credit: Disney

the original parent trap featured Hayley Mills playing both Susan and Sharon. Twins of divorced parents, the girls are both sent to the same summer camp. There they meet and come up with a plan. Both wanting to meet their other biological parent, they decide to switch places.

Parent Trap Daughters at Camp
Credit: Disney

In the 1998 version, Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie. With a few updated twists to bring it more into the 90s, everything else is pretty much the same as the original.

terrible friday (1976/2003)

Bizarre Friday 1976 Trading Squares
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In the original, Barbara Harris plays Mrs. Andrew (mom) and Jodie Foster plays Annabel. They each feel harassed and annoyed by each other until the day they find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies.

Freaky Friday changes places
Credit: Disney

The 2003 version of terrible friday stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess (mom) and Lindsay Lohan as Anna. Much like the original, mother and daughter are at each other’s throats and end up being swapped. Then they finally see what it’s like to live in the place of the other.

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Overboard (1987)/ Falling for Christmas (2022)

Feet rubbing overboard
Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

At the sea stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell play Joanna and Dean. Joanna is a snobbish and cruel heiress who skimps on payment for the carpenter working on her boat. When she becomes amnesiac after an accident, the carpenter takes her in pretending to be her husband.

Fall in love with Christmas phone call
Credit: Netflix

Fall for Christmas stars Lindsay Lohan as Sierra, a bratty, empowered heiress. After a skiing accident, she develops amnesia and is cared for by the owner of the local lodge until she recovers.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) / Irish Wish (2023)

The wedding of my best friend stars Julia Roberts as Julianne and Dermot Mulroney as Michael. When Julianne learns that her best friend is getting married, she realizes she’s in love with him, but tries to put her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

My best friends marry Roberts over the phone
Credit: Sony Pictures

In Lindsay Lohan’s latest film, Irish wish, she plays the main character Maddie. When the love of her life gets engaged to her best friend, she must put her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

It seems like no matter the remake, Lindsay Lohan is always able to make it a hit.

Do you prefer the remake or the original? Let us know in the comments.

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