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With new singles and an upcoming show this Thanksgiving weekend, Les Creatif’s Dante Cope spoke about his music for Local Spins on WYCE, which also launched new tracks from West Michigan artists.

Create their own ambiance: Les Creatif is playing at Billy’s Lounge on November 26th. (Courtesy photo)


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For Dante Cope, the music is essentially genderless – which could be why he describes Grand Rapids. The Creatives as a mix of styles based on funk-rock: “Sly & the Family Stone meets Outkast from the ‘Stankonia’ era. “

“Basically, it’s basically like funk music. We all have different backgrounds, different tastes in music, so every song that comes to the table, we all add a little different flavor to it, ”he said.

“Music today, I think, is genderless. You can start in one genre and sort of add elements from the others to create your own vibe. I see music as a feeling.

That sentiment over the past few years has manifested itself with inventive singles and B-sides that push the boundaries, as well as overall live performances by Les Creatif ensemble which Cope describes as “wild.”

Music as a “feeling”: Dante Cope (Courtesy photo)

The funky collective marks the final musical adventure of Brandon Copeland, aka Dante Cope, who began his career as a hip hop producer in Jackson, Michigan, before moving to the Grand Rapids area in 2003 to frequent the Grand Valley State. University.

The saxophonist, keyboardist, guitarist and master of ceremonies released his first solo Dante Cope album in 2012, eventually bringing musicians Hugo Claudin and Plymouth Williams to his concerts.

Since then, the group has grown, with the current lineup also including Justin Golinski, Dawn Elizabeth Hays and Nathan Mabie, with Les Creatif adding special guests to the mix for different projects.

The group recently released the second in a series of “triads” – singles on the A / B sides that feature instrumental, a cappella and full versions of the songs. For this week’s edition of Local Spins on WYCE, Cope featured “Revolution” from the new “Remember the Revolution”, as well as the track “OMG (Go Spell)” released earlier this year.

Watch a video from Creatives’ single, “New Day,” starring Dawn Elizabeth here, and scroll down to listen to the radio show’s full podcast.

VIDEO: The Creatives, “New Day”

Encouraged by his mother, who taught piano, Cope, now 36, grew up as a huge Stevie Wonder fan. “I’ve always wanted to create music like that,” he recalls.

With Les Creatif, the creative process gave rise to a series of themed releases, with the latest tracks recorded in Cope’s home studio or at the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology. The ensemble has added different voices to their projects, such as Helene lyle on “Remember” and Mystur Amour for singles earlier.

“Music is common, so functionality is just an extension of the energy of the song,” Cope proposed. “Helen Lyle has a sad, fiery voice in her voice, which was perfect for ‘Remember’. Mystur Love has a classic R&B sound that was necessary to make the “TIT” singles more sultry. “

Transition to Cinema: Dante Cope will be performing at Sullivan Field this summer. (Photo / Local Spins)

With visual art being a key part of every release, Cope also envisions the music transitioning from Les Créatif to cinema over the coming year.

“That has always been the goal… to go from just creating the music to creating something that you can actually watch,” he said. “The music is going to come out in some kind of episode, almost like a TV series.”

Prior to that, however, Les Créatif will perform at Billy’s Lounge in Grand Rapids on November 26, with the Latin alternative music collective. Cabildo. The Friday evening show aims to highlight the large-scale spectacle that is Les Créatif; get details here.

“It’s going to be wild,” Cope insisted. “We go through a range of emotions. There will be stuff you can dance to, stuff you can rock, stuff you can mosh on. We do it all.

In addition to highlighting Les Créatif, this week’s edition of Local Spins on WYCE – which features local and regional music at 11 a.m. on Fridays. WYCE (88.1 FM) and online on wyce.org – also rolled out new music from The Bootstrap Boys, Chris Collins, Helen Lyle (Cope’s choice of musician of this week), The Good Old Days, Stormy Chromer, Edison Kitt and The Pipe Verve, as well as tracks from Samuel Nalangira and Barrel bones. Listen to the radio show here.

PODCAST: local tours on WYCE (11/19/21)

VIDEO: Dante Cope & Dayz, “anti-American”

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