Kiss’ Gene Simmons on rock bands, aging, and his humble beginnings




And now you’re an international superstar. When did you do you realize that you were rich? I remember showing my mom the first big check. There were a lot of zeros. Maybe $ 10 million, I can’t remember. My mom never really went to school and I said, “Mom, look! She didn’t understand, even in her lifetime, what job I had or – more importantly – who gave me that money. There are few jobs like this.

In the past you have said that music is first and foremost a way to ‘get laid and make a lot of money’. Are you sticking to that? If you are male, heterosexual, and young, this is absolutely true. The reason young people choose guitars is because there are girls. There would be very few rock groups if it weren’t for girls.

So it’s not about art? The job? I don’t trust anyone who starts talking about “my job”. That’s bullshit. You can’t define what you do as art. Only people do it. Just because you take your craft in the middle of the highway and say it’s art doesn’t mean it.

Besides ownership, what’s the most expensive thing you own? Me.

What do you mean? I own myself 100 percent. And I am very dear!

Complete this sentence for me. Money can’t buy … Eternal life. Everything else he can buy. A well-meaning fool once said that money is the root of all evil. It’s wrong. Lack of money is the root of all evil.


You are 70 years old. How do you feel about your body? Awesome, awesome. Again, it has to do with genes. I hike five miles every other day; I am in good shape. In fact, the whole group is in great shape.

In 2007, you and your wife, Shannon Tweed, had a facelift for him and for her. You know what? You’re right. I forgot that. We did it on our TV show.


Is this the only job you’ve done? Well, I enlarged my schmekel.

Is it true? No, this is my joke of the day.

I wouldn’t judge you if it was true. Why do I think you don’t know what a schmekel is? You are a pervert, so you have to know it!

Listen, this is absolutely right. Would you recommend a facelift to other people? No, I do not recommend anything that I have done to anyone. Just because I’m ordering something from the menu doesn’t mean you should. Order whatever makes you happy. Everyone’s trip should be a personal choice. Don’t look over your shoulder as you run the race of life. Do your best. Be true to yourself.

When were you ashamed of your body? I know my answers to these questions are coming out, like, “This guy’s got plenty.” »But I don’t think I have this [shame] uncomfortable. After all, I go on stage, hit my guitar, stick my tongue out, and do it all. Most people are reluctant to stand up and be judged by others. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Yeah, I’m special. Even if it’s delusional, it works. It is easy to separate. Why do this when the rest of the world can’t wait to do it for you? Be your own flag bearer.

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Kiss is on tour in Australia from November 14 to December 4.

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