Jimmie Allen reveals upcoming cross-gender collab in must-see video with son



jimmy allen teased her social media followers with a snippet of her upcoming cross-genre collab, and now fans are begging for her release. Allen revealed he had “something new with my guys [Cheat Codes] falling soon,” as he shared a clip on Instagram listening to the song with his son Adyn8.

Cheat Codes — the electronic DJ trio consisting of KEVI, Trevor Dahl and Matthew Russell — chimed in among commentators, adding that they “think it’s time we let this go.” Cheat Codes also shared a sample of the songtitled “Lose You,” on their own Instagram account, urging fans to “prepare…” There was no word as of publication on Thursday (October 20), however, when fans might hear the full version. of the song.

Allen has often worked with genre ancestor artists while staying true to his country background. The “Settle On Back” singer recently interviewed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is now displaying its gold GRAMMY 2022 suit in the exhibition “Here, now”. During the conversation, Allen explained what country music means to him and why he doesn’t want to change it: “I add myself. I add the way I see country music. …Leave country music as it is, and add to it, so that the people who rock with you are now part of it. People who rock with other new artists coming in, now they rock with them where it (grows). … Just add to the music.

To listen a preview of Allen’s upcoming collaboration with Cheat Codes here:

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