Indian Genre Group Kraken Release Atmospheric Track “Khan Market Gang”


Delhi-based quintet kraken features the atmospheric track “Khan Market Gang”, which brings together diverse genres such as rock, hip-hop, dance, folk and electronica with Bhangra sensibilities and a mix of traditional Indian instruments for a sonic experience culturally nuanced and eclectic.

The track encapsulates their love for their hometown of Delhi, highlighting the band’s experience in the bustling but lonely city, their intricate fusion of soundscapes and genres for a perfect representation of their city, home to a melting pot of different people, cultures, identities and thoughts.

Excerpt from their next EP Club Namastewhich delves into the band’s journey in a society that doesn’t always recognize the value of music, “Khan Market Gang”, showcases Kraken’s ability to create stories that are deeply personal yet resonate with the world.

Honest and innovative, dreamy with stories grounded in reality, Kraken went quickly but steadily from virality with their debut single “Dance Jane Dance” to their debut EP. LUSHin 2017.

With the perfect balance of celebrating their Indian roots while breaking genre boundaries, this group of five continues to go from strength to strength, with plenty more to come.

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