ILUMINATIVE Brings The Modern Hip-Hop/Rock And Nu-Metal Genre To Life With Latest Album, “Endangered”



Join the musical journey of LUMINOUS as recently posted ‘Endangered’ which has the potential to mark the rapper’s name in the global music industry.

SoundCloud has always been my favorite music streaming platform as it is home to various underrated and undiscovered musical artists. Rapper and hip-hop artist LUMINOUS did so with his last released album. I was completely impressed when I first heard the album, Endangeredand immediately regretted not having found the artist sooner. It’s been just over a year since the artist uploaded music to the platform, but during that time he gained a following base which recently added me because of his new album, ‘Endangered’. I was fascinated by how each of the tracks held its own pitch and theme while following the theme of the composition. The combination of hip-hop, rock and Nu-Metal is sure to make the music-loving artist fall in love.

There are a total of 8 tracks in the album, ‘Endangered’. The artist has mixed completely different genres of hip-hop, metal and rock with such an ability that makes the record even more special. The lyrics are expressive and sometimes aggressive, adding another flavor to the album. LUMINOUS, the Aussie rapper also showcased his songwriting and expressed his feelings through the lyrics. The words come from a place of vulnerability that draws in the audience even more. It can easily become one of the most streamed projects of his career. The rapper, LUMINOUS is also a confident rapper and singer, which is reflected in the album.

The tracks on the album that will blow your mind are ‘higher self‘, ‘Psychedelic‘, ‘Schizophrenia‘, ‘Hope‘ etc. It is now available on sound cloud and Youtube. For further updates, you can also follow him on instagram, Twitter.

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