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Idris Elba is the star of,The beast, which premieres August 11 and follows Elba as the head of a grieving family hunted by an angry lion in a game reserve. Later on August 26, madmax designer George Miller is back with Three thousand years of nostalgiaa modern fantasy tale in which Tilda Swinton plays a lonely British woman who frees an ancient djinn, played by Idris Elba, who grants her three wishes.

One of the most talented contemporary actors, Elba has been actively involved in a range of exciting projects from MCU movies to real-life crime dramas. Famous for his intimidating and moody roles, he also knows how to play a nice guy once in a while. To the delight of his fans, August this year is all his.


ten Rock N Rolla (2008) – 3.34

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All of Guy Ritchie’s hallmarks can be found in Rock N Rolla, from the balance between crime and action to the range of complex characters who constantly come and go in each other’s lives. When a skilled Russian mobster sets up a massive property scam that generates millions of pounds, several underground criminals set off across London for their share of the fortune.

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Idris Elba plays One-Two’s partner, the petty gang boss who sets his team up for a risky plan to grab their slice of cash, bringing to life a high-energy and thrilling story filled with corruption, violence and rock and roll delivered in elegant fashion.

9 Molly’s Game (2017) – 3.53

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Acclaimed screenwriter and Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin made his directorial debut in 2017 with the real-life story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic hopeful who becomes the hostess of the most exclusive poker club in the world. world and the target of the FBI.

Bringing true stories to the screen is Sorkin’s specialty, but what really rocks the film are his performances. Jessica Chastain stars as the fierce and nuanced Molly and Idris Elba plays Charlie Jaffey, a high profile attorney who agrees to help Molly after learning her true intentions. He plays a vital role as the key to a successful transaction, using the power of words and etiquette to set the game on a new course.

8 The More They Fall (2021) – 3.55

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by Netflix The more they fall brings together a group of brave characters bound by a common goal: to defeat the ruthless Rufus Buck, a crime boss who has just been released from prison. The main antagonist is fiercely played by Idris Elba, a powerful villain who seemingly has the odds on his side. His quips contrasted with a ruthless genius make him as endearing as he is terrifying.

Playing with conventional Western tropes and adding contemporary elements that fit perfectly into the energetic narrative, with a truly remarkable soundtrack, The more they falloffers a remarkable ensemble cast and leverages inventive editing techniques to craft a unique cinematic experience for Western fans.

seven The Suicide Squad (2021) – 3.64

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Idris Elba has been a lifesaving addition to The Suicide Squad and the movie takes the villainous group to a whole new level. In the hands of James Gunn, also responsible for the guardians of the galaxy films, the exaggerated levels of violence and hints of dark humor worked perfectly with the tone of the new film.

Elba is Bloodsport, one of the best DCEU heroes without superpowers. Taking the lead of the team after a mission gone wrong, his quick wit and bad temper disguise a compassionate man willing to sacrifice himself for what he thinks is the right thing. These characteristics make him more of an anti-hero than a villain, different from the rest of the Suicide Squad.

6 American Gangster (2007) – 3.68

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For his epic crime drama, Ridley Scott has assembled some of the film industry’s most prominent actors, determined to provide an in-depth look at the rise and fall of real-life drug lord Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington. The film also adds fictional elements to keep the story moving excitingly.

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Tango, played by Idris Elba, is an essential scene character that best showcases the ruthless genius of Frank Lucas, as he shoots Tango in broad daylight with hundreds of witnesses around. american mobster does an incredible job of blending real events with fiction, delivering one of the craziest final 30 minutes of any crime drama backed by a solid build.

5 Zootopia (2016) – 3.72

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While viewers can’t really see Idris Elba in zootopia, they can hear it whenever the big, sturdy buffalo Chief Bogo is on screen. Moody, intimidating characters seem to be Elba’s specialty, making him perfect for the role, but Chief Bogo is so much more than that; he is also a reasonable and honorable man who leads the Zootopia Police Department.

by Disney zootopia offers plenty of hilarious quotes and an engaging crime story told in a light-hearted style, making it hard to believe it’s still overlooked by many Disney fans. The film follows a rookie bunny cop and a sarcastic fox who join forces to uncover a conspiracy in their town of anthropomorphic animals.

4 Sometimes in April (2005) – 3.75

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Probably the most valuable hidden gem of Elba’s quarry, Sometimes in April offers an intimate look into the lives of two brothers, divided by marriage and fate during the terrifying 100 days of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

With Idris Elba as Augustin Muganza, the horrors of the genocide that killed more than a million people in a few days are revealed through his heartbreaking eyes. On the other political line of the conflict, there is his brother Honoré, a radio personality who takes advantage of his influence in the community to protect them.

3 Beasts of No Nation (2015) – 3.82

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In many ways, beasts of no nation was a huge surprise since it was Netflix’s first original movie, leaving everyone amazed at the quality of the film and showing just how streaming services are here to stay. Counting on groundbreaking performances, the film tells the powerful story of Agu, a child soldier fighting in the civil war of an unnamed African country.

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Idris Elba plays the cruel commander of Agu’s battalion, a terrible, cold-hearted man who explores children in every way possible. He poses a constant threat to Agu and his companions, an unreliable leader who fights for nothing while the children are adrift in a nation that does not care for them.

2 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – 3.88

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Idris Elba plays Heimdall in Thor: Ragnarok, a key figure tasked with protecting the gates of Asgard. His transportation powers and loyalty to Asgard make Heimdall one of the most beloved characters around. Thor franchise.

Ragnarok is well known as one of the most dynamic and energetic MCU entries to date, delivering a welcome mix of comedy and action that has everything to do with the nature of Thor. In the film, an imprisoned Thor must race against time in order to prevent Ragnarok, a catastrophic event prophesied to destroy Asgard once and for all.

1 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – 4.00

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2018 Avengers: Infinity War is the MCU’s most brutal film, dropping fans’ jaws from the start; in an intense showdown against Thanos, Thor ends up losing both his brother Loki and Asgard’s beloved guardian Heimdall, played by Idris Elba. The scene is important for showing how strong Thanos is and how the fate of the Avengers hinges on Thor gathering his power in time.

As each Avenger fights their way across galaxies in a desperate attempt to stop Thanos for good, the film sets the stage for one of the most heartbreaking endings in years. Infinite WaThe impressive Letterboxd rating of r reflects fans’ desire to see villains triumph at times, as it creates a bigger impact on the overall story.

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