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good witch is one of Hallmark’s most popular franchises. Since first hitting screens in 2008, it’s spawned a massive franchise, including seven movies, a TV series, and a spinoff series. But in what order should we watch this gigantic franchise?

If you want to inject some magic into your day, here is the perfect good witch watch order.

What is good witch on?

good witch began life as a made-for-TV movie in 2008. The film follows Cassandra Nightingale, a woman who moves to the small town of Middleton to open a store. However, Cassandra is not the average small business owner, as Cassandra is actually a witch who sells herbs and other magical tinctures. While the people of Middleton are wary of her and her motives at first. A budding romance with police officer Jake Russell convinces her to stay. In later films, we see how Cassandra’s life changed as her relationships and her life developed. And as she settles into the town of Middleton, she makes a bunch of new friends who become entangled in her story.

In 2015, a television series titled good witch also launched on the screens. This series and its spin-off specials continued where the movies left off. But they also expanded on the lore, introducing several new characters and further exploring Middleton and Cassandra’s backstory.

What happens in the good witch franchise?

the good witch

Good Witch follows Cassandra as she moves to the town of Middleton and attempts to open her store. However, in doing so, she has to deal with the suspicious and unwelcoming locals. It also shows her first meeting with her love Jake Russell.

The Good Witch’s Garden

Cassandra, now settled, tries to turn her house into a bed and breakfast. However, a stranger comes to town, saying the original owner of the house left him, throwing this plan into turmoil.

The Good Witch’s Gift

Plans for Cassandra’s wedding are in full swing, but things quickly get rocky due to intense emotions and bureaucracy. And, to make matters worse, a criminal Jake put in jail has been released, and he’s out for revenge on the police chief.

The Good Witch’s Family

Cassandra and Jake are now married. Jake’s children from a previous marriage live with the couple, creating a wonderful family atmosphere. However, a new bridging development throws Cassandra into politics, as she also considers reconnecting with a family member.

The charm of the good witch

Cassandra has a baby and needs to learn how to take care of it. While also being the mayor of the city, which is a surprisingly stressful job. And it’s made worse when Cassandra’s estranged mother comes to town and Cassandra’s stepdaughter is framed for theft.

The Fate of the Good Witch

Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Cassandra’s birthday. However, a series of unfortunate events have the family wondering if Cassandra is cursed. And if this curse can be linked to the original owner of the house.

The wonder of the good witch

Cassandra gives up the title of mayor of the city to prepare for the marriage of her stepson. To help things run smoothly, Cassandra hires Audrey, a newcomer to town, to help her. But Audrey’s strange past soon catches up with her.

good witch – Season 1

Cassandra and her daughter Grace embark on a magical adventure together. Due to their shared magical abilities. This causes trouble for their new neighbors, Dr. Sam Radford and his teenage son. As well as the rest of the city.

good witch – Halloween/Something Wicked

Halloween planning causes drama throughout the city. Dr. Sam and his son try to build a hay maze, and Cassandra tries to turn her house into a haunted attraction. And to top it off, Joseph, a mysterious stranger, has just appeared in town.

good witch – Season two

Cassandra and Sam develop feelings for each other but have to walk away when trouble erupts for both of them. Sam has to deal with old family issues. And Cassandra’s life is turned upside down when John, an old friend, comes to town. Additionally, Grace must learn to navigate the world while being different.

good witch – Secrets of Gray House

Author Jessica Carrington is staying with Cassandra and plans to launch her new book there. However, his stories seem oddly familiar. These stories lead Cassandra to discover surprising things about her home.

good witch – Season three

Cassandra and Sam try to negotiate the perils of new love and new relationships. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is getting their kids to like each other. So the couple tries to get them to get along.

good witch – Bewitched

Cassandra finds an old photo and a sheet bearing a mysterious prophecy. These objects launch her headfirst into a new adventure. As Perriwood’s prophecy begins to come true, a stranger comes to town, forcing Cassandra to unravel the mystery.

good witch – Season 4

Cassandra and Sam plan their wedding. But, as usual, it’s not a smooth process. Especially since they must prepare their children for this big step. And the other townspeople also encountered several romantic stumbling blocks, crushing Cassandra.

Good Witch – A Tale of Two Hearts

Middleton’s bicentennial Halloween Harvest Festival is approaching, and the town decides to spice it up by hosting a contest with nearby Blairsville. However, when a gem is stolen, the already strained community reaches boiling point, forcing Cassandra to find a solution.

good witch – Season Five

Cassandra and Sam try to navigate married life while their children deal with their senior year of high school. Elsewhere, the town’s relationship with Blairsville becomes strained when a curse appears to take effect. And, if things couldn’t get more intense, an ancient map hints at a secret treasure buried somewhere in the city.

Good Witch – Curse of a Rose

Cassandra’s roommate, Autumn Delaney, comes to town. Unfortunately, Cassandra and Autumn harbor an old grudge that soon leads to trouble. Sam also receives a lucky charm which begins to cause trouble and ruin his romantic plans.

good witch – Season 6

Once their children graduate, Sam and Cassandra adjust to life alone. However, when Joy Harper comes to town, life gets weird. It turns out that Joy is very interested in Cassandra’s family history. Joy begins to investigate things and forces Cassandra to find out more about her past.

good witch – Season seven

The secret uncovered in the final season puts Cassandra in the middle of another huge family mystery. And this mystery has important ramifications for the whole town and their lives, while revealing a huge secret that rocks Cassandra to the core.

How do you look good witch in order?

Watching good witch in order is quite easy, because the release order is the same as the chronological order. This means you don’t have to jump back and forth to get the full experience. The main problem is keeping track of the order in which TV specials air, as they often air between TV seasons.

Thus, the watch command for good witch is:

  • the good witch (2008)
  • The Good Witch’s Garden (2009)
  • The Good Witch’s Gift (2010)
  • The Good Witch’s Family (2011)
  • The charm of the good witch (2012)
  • Fate of the Good Witch (2013)
  • The Wonder of the Good Witch (2014)
  • Good Witch – Season 1 (2015)
  • Good Witch – Halloween / Something Wicked [Special] )(2015)
  • Good Witch – Season 2 (2016)
  • Good Witch – Secrets of Gray House [Special] (2016)
  • Good Witch – Season Three (2017)
  • Good Witch – Bewitched [Special] (2017)
  • Good Witch – Season 4 (2018)
  • Good Witch – A Tale of Two Hearts [Special] (2018)
  • Good Witch – Season Five (2019)
  • Good Witch – Curse of a Rose [Special] (2019)
  • Good Witch – Season Six (2020)
  • Good Witch – Season Seven (2021)

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