Hailey MacIsaac gets rid of a new “wood” of gender mix



With alt.pop undercurrents mixing genres and heavy past relationship accents, multi-award-winning Canadian artist Hailey MacIsaac creates a dark and grainy listening experience for her growing fan base with the release from his hot new single, “Lumber” – available now.

An immersive and eerie sound experience from start to finish, the song guides the listener through a dark landscape of troubled thoughts and heartache.

With her track “Lumber,” hyperbolic for the weight we feel when we “Going Through It” with an uppercase and underlined “GTI”, the Toronto singer / songwriter seeks to unload herself a bit through her emotionally lyrical swan dive. in a song of trials and tribulations.

Not to speak openly about a bad relationship, the general theme of being wronged or looked down upon by a loved one runs deep into the lyrics of Hailey MacIsaac’s latest single.

“But I have this Lumber – in my head like – I can let him go – He can’t sit with me – I just want to take a piece of it off now.”

It’s pictures like this that describe a person who knows they are in need of healing, but who is not quite there in their grieving process yet, regardless of the source of that grief. It’s that ominous message that carries a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ theme everywhere – and we’re here for it.

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Hailey MacIsaac found herself at the heart of the Canadian music scene in Toronto, Ontario, finding a niche for herself and her music.

After winning several awards during her career, she recently won the Electronic Recording of the Year award for her 2020 single, “Down2U”. On top of that, his album In A Dark Room received three nominations in different categories in 2019.

Known for her adventures beyond genre boundaries, Hailey MacIsaac’s music conveys a unique pop vibe while infusing elements of pop-punk, rock, rap and alternate themes. Creating a dark, grainy and loud sound, MacIsaac uses traditional techniques to design his intricate work in a way that is fresh for the indie pop scene.

And when it comes to her latest single, “Lumber”, there is no exception to this rule.

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