Green Day Announces ‘Nimrod’ 25th Anniversary Box Set



Green Day have announced a new box set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their fifth album Nimrod. Additionally, the group shared an unreleased track from the era titled “You Irritate Me.”

The 25th anniversary edition of Nimrod includes the 1997 album along with a collection of demos and a live recording of their show at the Philadelphia Electric Plant on November 14, 1997, a month after the album’s release. The 14-track demo includes early versions of “Nice Guys Finish Last” and “Walking Alone” as well as previously unreleased tracks like “Tre Polka” and a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison.”

Nimrod 25th Anniversary will be released on January 27. The box set will be available as a 3xCD set or a 5xLP set, which includes bonus features like a 20-page book, poster, fabric patch, grip mat and commemorative backstage pass . Pre-orders are available here.

Green Day also released a new anniversary product from the Nimrod era, which you can consult here.

Discover “You irritate me” and the details for Nimrod 25th anniversary edition below.

List of tracks:


01. Nice Guys Finish Last
02. Hitchhiking
03. The Grumpy
04. Redundant
05. Scattered
06. All The Time
07. Worry Rock
08. Platypus (I Hate You)
09. Tense
10. Last Lap
11. Jinx
12. Haushinka
13. Walk Alone
14. Reject
15. Resume
16. King for a Day
17. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
18. Prosthetic head

Nimrod Demos

01. Nice Guys Finish Last
02. Place in my head
03. The Grumpy
04. Walk Alone
05. Jinx
06. Alison
07. Espionage
08. You piss me off
09. Tre Polka
10. When it’s time
11. Desensitized
12. Chainsaw
13. Reject
14. Black eyeliner

Live at the Electric Factory 1997

01. Go to Pasalacqua
02. Welcome to paradise
03. Stinking Geek Breath
04. Nice Guys Finish Last
05. Hitchhiking
06. The Grumpy
07. silly
08. Longview
09. 2000 light years
10. Brain Stew
11. jaded
12. Knowledge
13. Basket case
14. She
15. Fuck off and die
16. Paper lanterns
17. Scattered
18. Prosthetic head
19. When I Come
20. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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